The Truth About the Deep State: Part One

How the Council on Foreign Relations Manipulates Public Opinion

So, during my workout this morning one of the TV’s hanging from the rafters caught my eye. John McCain was on ESPN’s E:60. Let me reiterate: John McCain was on ESPN’s E:60.


Okay, so why was McCain on E:60?


Well, the story was about McCain’s good old enemy, Russia, and their government’s supposed corruption in the Olympic Games, doping, media propaganda, and the Crimea fiasco.

While ESPN boisterously accused the Russian government of funding illegal drugs per the IOC to their athletes, they conceded they had zero evidence the Olympic Athletes of Russia or the Russian National Football Team had taken illegal drugs.

Yet, here was John McCain, accusing Putin of forcing double-agents out of his country under the threat of imprisonment, poisoning former double-agents living in foreign lands (Sergei and Yulia Skripal), the latter of which found in an independent Swiss lab the chemical agents used in the supposed were US/UK manufactured. Skripal happened to be seeking refuge in the UK.


Council on Foreign Relations

So, I decided to do a little poking around on why ESPN would even think to broadcast such a story, and what should be common knowledge, ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company, whose President is none other than Ben Sherwood. Well, let me tell you a little bit about Sherwood. Sherwood happens to be on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), which is a supposed independent conservative foreign policy thinktank the neoconservatives love to turn to.

Let me give you a little bit of a background on the CFR: They have ties to the David Rockefeller Studies Program, and we all know Rockefeller was a front man to the Rothschild syndicate, they testify foreign policy recommendations before Congress and every presidential administration, and they interact with the media regarding foreign affairs.

Okay, so what the CFR does is manipulate and drive public opinion, using the Rothschild-run media as a tool, in an attempt to control financial resources needed to manipulate the economy and accomplish their goals. For a complete history of the CFR, this article provides outstanding insight.

How does this all link to Russia?

Well, Washington has a long history in a nation whose government they’ve been trying to overthrow for decades. That nation is called Syria. Many believe America’s involvement started in Syria since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, but few realize Washington has held an interest in Syria since the Iranian coup.

Okay, so Syria became an independent nation in 1946, followed by a push for an Arab-American oil pipeline that would extend from Syria to Saudi Arabia to the Mediterranean, on which European recovery depended after World War II.

However, Syrian Parliament in Damascus questioned the new country’s economic benefit over such a pipeline and were in turn furious with the US for their recognition of the State of Israel. In doing so, Damascus rejected the pipeline, and Truman ordered the CIA’s very first coup attempt, a few years before the Iranian coup.

So, Syrian President Shukri al-Quwatli was overthrown in March 1949 and taking his place was General Za’im, who himself was overthrown in August 1949. So, a six-year showdown between Syrian allies to the CIA and Syrian nationalist coalitions erupted, which ended with Quwatli’s re-election in 1955.

Come 1956, Dwight Eisenhower commenced Operation Straggle, which staged border incidents in Turkey, with support from the Iraqi military. However, Syrian counterintelligence discovered Straggle and sought military aid from the Soviet Union. A year later, Eisenhower commenced Operation Wappan, which Syria not only infiltrated, but cut diplomatic ties with the US for good.

So, the United States tried three times to overthrow the Syrian government due to oil interests in which economic benefit was made unclear to Damascus. This occurred after President Wilson fought for national identity among the former Ottoman Empire after World War I, followed by the commencement of the CFR.

One thing I look to do when I investigate anything is to connect the dots. History teaches us not to recall events, but find out the root cause for what happened, and why it happened. Who were the characters involved? What were the interests? Why were they interested?

So, what did Syria do to inconvenience the United States?

In terms of US national security, absolutely nothing.

What did Syria do to inconvenience the United States in its region?

Everything justifiable.

Syria supported resistive Muslims during the 1958 Lebanon Crisis, backed the Iraqi coup in overthrowing its U.S.-backed monarchy in the same year, the remnants of which are still seen to this day beginning with a 1963 coup, led by General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, cousin of Saddam Hussein.

I hope this history lesson sheds a little bit of light on the way the Deep State Operates. This article is simply a little background to how supposed independent thinktanks, like the CFR, hold much influence in Washington and have done so by manipulating public opinion through the media.

In my next article, I’ll outline how John McCain almost took power behind the scenes in assisting a prominent Russian businessman and enemy of Vladimir Putin in purchasing almost half of the economy in a little country called Montenegro.

I’d like to thank all my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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