Your Story Only Holds Water if it Has Theme

I rediscovered my love for writing in 2014 when I took it back up as a hobby. Come 2015, I wrote regularly. By 2016, I set my heart on completing the first draft of my manuscript, Lord of Columbia, which at the time was entitled Once. In 2017, I completed my first draft and two edits, thinking my work was complete. However, I did some research this time last year and saw how far my work was from being complete. Late last year, I entered the Jerry Jenkins Writers’ Guild and learned so much I had to redo my whole manuscript!

And finally this year, in 2018, I can sit here and say Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights, is close to complete.

But why?

Why did I take my good old time with this?

Well, it’s simple, really.

I wanted to for one make sure this little indie-book that anyone can publish at any given time (indie-publishing can be done in seconds and be on numerous platforms) had a legitimate shot of:

1) Getting discovered.

2) Being done correctly and as error-free to the best of my ability.

3) Most importantly, held a theme.

Let’s talk about theme, because it’s the single-most important thing you will do in writing.

What is theme, anyway?

In m own words, theme is the overall message of your work.

So, in Lord of Columbia, what is my theme?

I don’t want to spoil it, but I will give you a strong hint on what my theme is: It has to do with just about everything I write about on My Freedom Flame. If this is your first time on my site, feel free to have a look around and check some of my latest articles.

I talk about the significance of the Deep State, the Rothschild Syndicate, the Globalists who really run America and the world, and much more. Now, some of what I write about is sensitive, controversial material, so be-warned.

And I’ll also state that neither My Freedom Flame nor Lord of Columbia is right for everyone. I talk about very sensitive, factual issues, but they’re many the Left may not kindly to, or the Neoconservatives, for that matter.

Okay, so as for how you can create themes in your own work, what you want to do is think about why you’re writing your text to begin with.

Why are you so motivated to write your next work?

What does the plot look like?

The characters?

Why do you just have to get your message out to the point you’re cutting corners in life just to have time to write?

Go deep inside yourself. As deep as you can. Why is this so important to you that on a weekend, or on your downtime, you have to do this?

There’s your answer. Answer these questions, and your theme will come naturally.

I’d like to thank all my readers and followers, please come back soon.