Why I Was Wrong About the American Flag and the National Anthem

Symbols of Liberty and Justice Never Change Over Time

Okay, so this is one of those tough to swallow pills I’m going to take in penning this brief article on why I was wrong about the National Anthem and the American Flag, wrongfully believing both had become symbols of globalism and no longer meant freedom.

It’s appropriate to say that I’ve always bashed neo-Nazi supremacists for the way they’ve stolen Germanic tribal symbols like the Valkyrie, Mjolnir, and Germanic runes and turned them into symbols of white supremacy, something I’m wholeheartedly against.


Yet, I knew what my favorite religious symbols really stood for, and it wasn’t white supremacy, so why would I even fall victim to the true globalist agenda, which was hatred for the American flag.

So, while I’ve written numerous articles bashing the American flag on this very blog as early as this week, stating the Constitution was the true meaning of freedom, and in many ways, it is, both the National Anthem and American flag, stained by globalism as they may be, still stand for freedom, equality, liberty, and justice for all.

What do people have against the National Anthem?

Francis Scott Key, a slave owner who later freed slaves and became an attorney for runaway slaves after the War of 1812, used this line in the Star Spangled Banner:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.

What does Key actually mean here?

He’s referring to mass conscription all over the world by the British, many of which were supplied by our good old friends, the Rothschilds, to be used as cannon fodder and placed on Britain’s front lines.

And ironically enough, Key and I agree on this concept, as do many historians, where in Lord of Columbia, my main character’s herald speaks of this used by the empire early on in the text.

Many upon many were conscripted and meant to die on the battlefield, many of which were Hessians, but came from all over the British Empire at the time, namely blacks and Native Americans, too. And again, the Hessians and many from Europe were supplied by the pesky Rothschilds.

And this takes me to the issue of the American flag. The flag, at its purest, is a symbol for freedom, and the good news is it always will be. Like my Germanic symbols, the flag is stained, but it’s stained by the globalists and even the US Department of Defense, who do this routinely by rolling it out in hugely artificial pregame ceremonies with the goal of increasing military recruitment.

So, yes, the flag is stained, but it’s a symbol of America’s breakaway from the British Empire, and how it did so twice, against all odds. And today, America is barely hanging on. There’s a cancer in the name of Rothschild, Soros, McCain, Clinton, Trump, and other globalists looking to destroy, once and for all, the one true meaning of the American flag: freedom.

And as long as we continue to hold the American flag sacred, continue to fight the biggest terrorist threat known to man called globalism, they can’t win, and liberty will prevail. The American flag is the one object with the power to unite the masses as one, as long as we remember what it really means, liberty and justice for all.

The globalists, however, are systemically turning people against the flag and are doing so at all levels. We must remember it’s George Soros behind much protest today, like March for our Lives, the Feminist Movement, and Antifa. Guys, many of these movements that spit on and tear apart the American flag are funded by Soros and the globalists.

John McCain has gone out of his way in his neoconservative agenda, a globalist agenda nonetheless, to monopolize Rothschild interests in a little country called Montenegro, where our friend, George Soros, also holds many business interests. McCain is also a big proponent of warfare in the Middle East, where Genie Oil has contractual permission to dig.

And they’re using the American flag and turning it into something it isn’t, and it’s interventionism, oppression, and the exact opposite of its real meaning. But if we stand beside it, knowing the real meaning, we can and will win what I believe is the most significant event in American history since the American Revolution itself.

It’s time we’ve protected our national identity and sacred symbols from the true terrorists, the globalists.


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