Fiasco in the Holy Land

How Conservative Evangelicals are Killing Support for Israel

I was going to write a piece today on how Donald Trump botched a power play regarding the Philadelphia Eagles, but as I’m going through my workout, I tend to listen sometimes to reports from alternative media like Blackstone Intelligence, Info Wars, and the Ron Paul Liberty Report to help me decide what I want to write about, and I came across this video on Blackstone and decided to look a little more into the subject on how Evangelical Christians are killing support for Israel among the younger generation.

Now, I’ve written a few reports on how both Christian and Jewish Zionists tend to look the other way during Israeli and IDF terrorist attacks on unarmed Palestinians and how Zionism is really liked to the Rothschild Network, as early as the 1910’s regarding the Balfour Declaration.

Their claim is the Bible has told them wholeheartedly that this land belongs to the Jewish people and it’s their kingdom to conquer. However, for one who studies the Bible from an open perspective, it’s my belief that Jesus Christ (whom I believe is really an amalgam of several speakers of the era), promised a kingdom for the Jewish people, however the kingdom isn’t of this world. Furthermore, such a kingdom is intended for anyone, again from my Wiccan belief, anyone who accepts the higher power and higher consciousness in favor of worldly possessions.

I back my claim simply by stating:

1) Christianity came long after the creation of Judaism, which came long after Native European, Native American, and many other nature-based religions, some dating back 50,000 or so years before. Christianity is simply one path which, through force and violence, became the premier religion on Earth. However, this is said to expire soon as Muslim families tend to have more kids at younger ages than their Christian counterparts, therefore I believe it’s by 2060, Islam will become the most populous religion.

2) Christianity, like its Jewish and Islamic cousins, is a religion that originated in the Middle East. Tell this to your modern-day Christian relatives who believe Christianity to be supreme and they’ll avoid you like the plague. Tell them you’re Wiccan, and they’ll confuse you with inverted Christians, better known as Satanists. But, for this matter, since Christianity is indeed a Middle East-based religion, it’s impossible, utterly impossible, for what Southern Baptists and other Evangelical groups state, that this raging God is going to damn 99% of humanity to Hell for eternal torture.

3) Christianity’s blunders have led people to other faiths, and many, like myself, realizing I’m 15/16th European and 1/16th Native American, none of my ancestors saw Christianity as their native religion. In fact, like I mentioned above, they were coerced and forced, sometimes violently, into believing Christianity to be the truth in the way when it’s indeed one of many truths, at least at its purest form, but that’s not the scope of this article.

For these three reasons, it’s better to believe that between death and eternal life, which is the reward for all those who accept this higher state of consciousness greater than anything we see in the world today, there has to be something else.

Per Wiccan belief, the concept is simple: one must simply learn from the higher powers of the universe between lives, then return to Earth, which in many ways is Hell for much of the population, to live another life, in another body, sometimes as another gender, and under different circumstances. Those who’ve discovered such knowledge of the universe and its amazing power will ascend to that higher power for eternity.

So, it’s not necessarily a crime many of us are abandoning the Christian faith, as it’s turned into a monstrosity of what it used to be. For further research, this came about sometime between the 3rd and 4th centuries, around the time of Constantine the Great. Here, there was a debate on making the Holy Bible a sacred text among all Christians in the Roman Empire, to follow on a uniformed basis.

So, what Constantine had done was get rid of or edit forty-five different books of the Bible. I like to point to the Gospel of Thomas, and if you ever get a chance to research it, please do so.

Anyway, how does this relate to modern-day?

Well, many Evangelicals, and this is among older Evangelicals, as those aged 18 to 34 have dwindled into his belief, that Israel belongs to the Jewish people because God said so. Many also go on to say that God justifies the killings of Palestinians because they’ve encroached on Israel’s land for the last 3,000 years, when it was the Israelis who had the right to the land.

You may recall I outlined a false claim made by Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu, who stated Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish people for the past 3,000 years. You can find a link to that article here.

So, it was many Evangelicals boisterously supporting Trump when he planned to relocate the US Embassy to East Jerusalem. Unfortunately, Trump’s blunder, spearheaded by Netanyahu and Jared Kushner (happens to be Trump’s Zionist son-in-law) resulted in the mass genocide of Palestinians who were doing nothing more than peacefully protesting.

Yet, the God’s Will argument has been made time and again. However, it’s important to realize that the Christian God simply doesn’t exist, at least not in a modern-day Christian viewpoint. God does exist, don’t get me wrong, I like to call it from Scott Cunningham’s segment as The One (Wicca, the Solitary Practitioner, Scott Cunningham) , a fancy name for the universe, who in turn created the Wiccan God and Goddess, but in all religions, in their purest form, point to this identical concept, even old school Christianity.

See, each religion contains, at its purest elements, a god and goddess. Even Christianity, where Mary (the Goddess) gives birth to Jesus (the God). Ditto for Wicca, where the Goddess (she goes by many names, we’ll just use the Saxon version, Freya) gives birth to the God (Wodan, who also goes by numerous names like Apollo, Pan, Cernunnos). Both of these births occur at around the same time: Christmas in the Christian faith, and Yule in the Wiccan faith.

However, over time, the Goddess in Christianity has been knocked down a few in power, as seen mostly in the Protestant faith, while the God had been knocked down a few in Wicca, though this varies between Pagan sectors, mainly because females saw men taking over the Christian Church, and Paganism was a way out, which is why witches are typically associated with females, though there are male witches, too. I want to cite Raymund Bucklands’s the Complete Book of Witchcraft as a source here.

Why this simple religious lesson?

Because it goes to show that in Christian belief, true, pure Christian belief, especially after the creation of the New Covenant, Jesus’ death at the cross, whomever believed in a Savior would be saved from Hell, nothing more than a fancy term of remaining attracted to worldly objects long after they vanish from the pages of time.

And guys, before I’m accused of forcing my personal beliefs on others, this article is simply me sharing my viewpoint regarding this issue and what I believe is the key to religion, so like I’ve said before, I’m not necessarily bashing Christianity, Judaism, and in a few articles, I was tough on Islam. I’m not bashing any of these religious faiths; I’m simply stating that supremacy and extremism is real and exists in all faiths, and I’m merely pointing out the supremacists in both Christianity and Judaism is what’s causing the younger generation to lose their faith.

However, on personal observation, I’ve seen, at least in conservative Weirton, West Virginia, a shift in what I stated earlier regarding 18 to 34-year-olds, and it’s the older one gets, the more they fall in line with Zionist thinking. My personal belief regarding this matter comes from a variety of reasons:

1) People tend to find a faith later on than others. Not everyone, but many return to their roots, and most of these roots happen to be Christianity. They end up going back to church where they’re fed this propaganda from their pastors and in some cases, priests.

2) People question, which is a natural phenomena. However, and again, from propaganda, they’re told and blindly believe that there are things God doesn’t want them to figure out or know about. Instead of questioning, they’re brainwashed into thinking questioning is a demon’s way of taking hold of you and therefore will only send you to Hell.

3) The Christian church, in essence, teaches conformity. Conform to certain standards and God’s Will, even if it’s violent. To protect you from Hell, the Christian Church teaches to go along with the teachings, and never ask ‘why.’

Based on such observations, we can conclude that in today’s broadened society, and I don’t by any means mean this in a liberal context, it’s only natural to see 18 to 34-year-olds looking for another way.

But, as one young lady said in Jake’s Blackstone Intelligence Video who’d been to Israel and was exposed to the propaganda these Christian churches are placing on their young people, it only strengthened her belief the Palestinians were in the right, as the God in the New Testament had a little bit of a different mindset than the God of the Old Testament.

Therefore, perhaps there is hope that we can see a two-state solution in the Holy Land. However, as Donald Trump and his neoconservative cabinet want, it’s the Evangelical approach. Many, from what I’ve seen and read, want this to bring about the end times as prophesized in the Book of Revelation, believing it will bring about the Second Coming of Christ.

But, from the point-of-view from someone like myself who grew up Christian: Does God Almighty really need help bringing about His plan for the end times?

Just food for thought.

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