Music May Unlock Creative Juices

As I continue my research project regarding the Deep State, I want to write a few fun-oriented articles that are a little off-topic for variety. One topic I haven’t yet covered on my new site is my love of music and how certain bands and singers influence me and my writing.

We all love music and let’s be honest, it influences each of us in how we feel each day, and I’m not different. In fact, sometimes I’ll listen to my favorite artists before I sit down to write as it’ll get me into the mindset of my point-of-view character. As a writer of fiction, we must become that character if we’re writing from a limited point-of-view, meaning we practically become that character.

I also write song lyrics in a variety of genres, even those I don’t often listen to. I’d just finished penning a set of lyrics now, which inspired me to write this piece on music.
So, since Lord of Columbia is at its core a war novel, bands like DragonForce and Sabaton will spark creative juices, while in Comeback Kid, Nightwish is one that comes to mind, since while it’s inspirational, it also contains a dark side.

However, when penning Comeback Kid, I love listening to a wide selection of music and I’ll go more mainstream when writing it. Comeback Kid doesn’t have the fantasy genre attached, so my usual power-symphonic metal is phased out in favor of more mainstream hits.

Some of these hits are in the classic or alternative rock genre and they’re usually ones that remind me of the setting of my book.

However, I’m typically in my setting at least a few days a week, that being the small village-town of Wintersville, Ohio, among other places. A few songs that get me into the Wintersville feel, for one strange reason or another are as follows:

1) Hey Jealousy, Found out About You, Lost Horizons, Follow You down, all by Gin Blossoms.

2) Story of My Life and Ball in Chain, by Social Distortion.

3) Sky Full of Stars, by Coldplay.

4) Slide, Name, Black Balloon, Broadway, Let Love In, by Goo Goo Dolls

5) Time, by Hootie and the Blowfish

6) The Freshmen, by the Verve Pipe

So, all but a few songs are hits of the 1990’s, and there are many others I relate to, like There She Goes, She’s So High, You’re A God, Good, and Roll to Me, among others. Part of this is I grew up in the 1990’s, and I lived in Wintersville at the time.

As for Lord of Columbia, its setting is based off Wintersville but due to its fantastical elements, I tend to listen to bands other than simply select songs, as listed above. So, for Lord of Columbia, some of my favorites to get the creative juices to flow are as follows:

1) DragonForce

2) Sabaton

3) Nightwish

4) Two Steps from Hell

5) Ensiferum

6) Visions of Atlantis

These bands all spark the juices too, among others. Some, like Faun, Grimner, and indies like Antti Martikainen, also work wonders, giving me a fantasy-based feel for what I’m about to write. However, I will occasionally listen to the 90’s playlist listed above, as I do need to get into the Wintersville-feel, as the town of Richfield, North Columbia, is in essence, an exaggerated form of Wintersville.