We’re Born into Paranoia, and the Government Claim’s They’ll Protect Us

The common error in thinking is the false belief that the government is here to protect us for our own good. However, since news leaked about the Parkland shooting last April, the truth has come out: law enforcement, a monopolized arm of government, isn’t here to serve and protect.

However, we’re brainwashed into believing both military and police are here to protect us, that unjust laws like the Patriot Act serve to protect us, that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) serves to protect us from terrorists, and military will protect us from terrorists abroad and those “evil” Russians who all of a sudden want to kill us.

At home, we’re coerced into the lie that all laws are designed for our own good. The ruse begins before we even start school with our parents teaching us to respect and never question authority of any kind; many of my readers are Christian and Christianity these days does the same.

Then, school takes over for the parents, state-run schools the parents are required to register their kids for, takes over, and the child is subject to twelve years of brainwashing. What does school really teach us?

1) Truth comes from authority.

2) Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat.

3) Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded.

4) Non-compliance is punished.

5) Conform to social norms.

You know, the irony is America’s Founders would’ve denied all of this. If truth came from authority, why did the Founders rebel?

If intelligence was the ability to remember and repeat, why did they think critically and decide the flaws in the British Empire shouldn’t be repeated in the new nation?

If accurate memory and repetition are rewarded, why did the Founders use innovative methods at the time to create America?

If non-compliance is punished, why didn’t they comply to the Tea Act, Stamp Act, and Proclamation of 1763?

And if we’re to conform to social norms in America, and at the time a social norm all over the world was a monarchy, why did the Founders change course?

Let’s face it, America’s Founders would’ve laughed at this state-run prison known as public schools. They would’ve rejected the strong central-planning in Washington we see today, and never would’ve stood for a child being handed to the state for twelve years of indoctrination, only for such schools to fail miserably on preparing kids for life.

When was the last time a public school had a finance class? Mine didn’t.

When was the last time a public school taught students how to start, operate, and own business for the long haul? Mine didn’t.

When was the last time a public school taught two sides, the winning and losing side, of history? Mine didn’t.

How much of what you learned in public school today is applicable to your job? Slim to Zilch, and Slim just left town, at least in my case.

And what takes over after one’s finished with public schools? Mass media.

And don’t they all preach the same thing? In a sense, they do. Sure, Fox and CNN may have their differences, but when it comes to war in the Middle East, they’re all for it. When it comes to justifying the overthrow of so-called brutal dictators throughout the world, they’re all for it. When it comes to trade wars, they’re all for it. When it comes to sanctioning supposed terror sponsors, they’re all for it.

And what about here at home?

Look at the police. Oh, yeah, shooting that dog was justifiable because he moved toward the cop, barking. Oh, yeah, well the cop beat down the door to that house without a warrant because he mistook it for being a meth lab and shot the man inside who charged at him with a Glock because some stranger just broke into his house. Well, the man the cop was trying to stop had his earbuds in, turned around, and put his hands near his waist, so the cop was in the right to shoot him.

When people go out of their way to justify unjust police shootings who are violating the Constitution in every single scenario listed here, those of us who think critically into these matters know the indoctrination worked wonders.

Okay, so let’s go to military intervention overseas.

Once again, 9-11 is claimed to be a justifiable means to attack Afghanistan and other nations overseas. However, 9-11 wasn’t just a pretext for America to invade the Middle East as outlined in the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), it was also done as retaliation for the CIA’s meddling in the Middle East long before.

First, Afghanistan was the sponsor, then it became Iraq, and today, it’s Iran. If you’re a critical thinker, you realize these are all lies and that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers came from America’s greatest Arab ally, Saudi Arabia.

If one researches history of American wars they find they were all based off lies, beginning with the Spanish-American War back in 1898. American intervention overseas is all based off lies.

But, what do these schools and mass media tell us?

Oh, America has been threatened over the past 120 years, which is why we need to be in these countries.

It’s a lie.

And the American Government has you right where it wants you.