My Weekend Project

Exposing the Deep State and Shadow Government

Pursuing passion for me regards humanitarian purpose. My pursuit of passion is simple; it involves writing, as you all know by now, and it also involves highly sensitive topics many may be unwilling to discuss.

Some topics are necessary, and this weekend, my Lord of Columbia editing is in its final stages (the deeper POV), I have some time to catch up on Comeback Kid and another project at the top of my list, and it’s to expose the Deep State and Shadow Government for what they are.

First, I’d like to credit Jake Morphonios and Blackstone Intelligence for giving me a few leads on where to investigate the Deep State and Shadow Government, as his videos and sources provide verifiable leeway.

My reasoning for exposing this monstrous entity will do several of the following:

1) It will show that American soldiers and other branches of the US military are used as pawns to fight for the military-industrial complex and oil companies, not defense of the country as is often claimed.

2) It shows the American taxpayer is funding this enterprise which if one questions such a supposed duty, they’re blackballed as being anti-American and anti-Patriotic, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

3) It shows the American government is a pawn for the Shadow Government and many in the Deep State have infiltrated the government. Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), pass public policy that benefits the elitists in the Shadow Government, also referred to as the Illuminati, Globalists, New World Order, etc.

4) It will show the connection between oil companies like Genie Oil, and their need for US occupation of oil rich regions in Syria and Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, while economic sanctions are continually implemented on Russia and Iran, two other oil-rich nations whose economies thrive off oil trade.

5) It will show how the US Dollar consistently fluctuates and has weakened over time, contributing to the income gap in America, fueling class warfare, racial tensions, etc.

So, hopefully by this Sunday, or early Monday, my “little” blog exposing the Deep State and Shadow Government running the US military, House, Senate, and military will provide sound insight that what’s going on overseas in the Middle East and other nations abroad, such as Niger, Somalia, and Sudan, have nothing to do with spreading and defending freedom.

Instead, constant occupation of American forces is used as a means to justify big business in both weapons manufacturing and oil. The elitists make the money, the 1%, in other words, which is funded by the taxpayers, the 99%. All the wars, bombings, and killings are funded by the taxpayer, under the lie that all these countries and brutal dictatorships in the Middle East are out to get Americans.

It’s time we exposed the truth.


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