One of the Many Distractions Used to Keep the Proles in Order

We love sports. I like sports. I’m a little irked by J.R. Smith’s blunder that cost the Cavs Game One of the NBA Finals against the Golden Statist Warriors.

I watch sports, especially football, but that now may be in question this season due to the Dept. of Defense’s subsidized NFL forcing nationalism unto its players on public property, but sports is, well, a distraction, as George Orwell stated in his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The main job for the Proles were two functions: Work and breed. However, the Proles were always sedated by sex, cigarettes, alcohol, football, and other simple pleasures while the Inner Party turned to the Outer Party to rewrite the history books, justify war, lies, and prosperity.

It’s something that happens today, but it’s also something that happens in my work, Lord of Columbia. As the elevator pitch implies, Lord of Columbia is about an arrogant college athlete who inadvertently leads a colonial uprising. However, my protagonist, Cain, is still that, a college athlete determined to play his senior year of collegiate sports while working to repel a potential invasion on the only free region in this colony.

So, Cain is still distracted, and if Cain’s distracted, my hope is to distract my audience as I just spoon-feed information to my readers. But, right when things look like they’re headed toward something big, it’s time for a game of shotball!

Okay, so I’m pulling off my best impression of J.K. Rowling when I speak of a school complete with an invented intergender sport, and yes, it was an influence, but to be honest, shotball is nothing more than rugby, with a few tweaks to the rules, which I’ll explain in a later post in case my followers want to get a game going with one another in the future. Excuse the run-on sentence.

Anyway, I try to distract the reader from what the opposition is doing, as Cain and his merry men and women try to compete for a sports championship, the threat of war in the region grows.

But, isn’t it the same in real life?

We’re always distracted by sports. In fact, in my own office ESPN plays daily, as does Fox News, CNN, the works. But, what do these telescreens, as Orwell calls them, really do?

They’re primary focuses feed the viewer distraction, or if they do want to “know” what’s going on in the world, propaganda. Remember, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, is part of Genie Oil’s Board of Advisors. Genie Oil has permission to dig in Syria’s Golan Heights, a region occupied by Israel, and in Northern Syria, a region occupied by the United States.

If you ever hear the above on any news station, it’s probably Russia Today in America, the only honest news source left these days.

I also point such things out in Lord of Columbia, where the occupied media continually promotes imperial propaganda, labeling Cain and the rebels as “terrorist organizations that must be taken out immediately,” when in fact, who are the real terrorists in Lord of Columbia?

Are real terrorists a band of people intent on expelling foreign invaders from their homeland?

Or are the real terrorists those who do the invading and claim its for national security and defense?

Am I stating the US military falls in with my definition of terrorism?

Of course not. Many join the US military with good intentions, but there’s a reason Ron Paul was the most popular candidate among veterans back in 2012. It implies many join the military believing they’re in it to do something good, but come to find there’s nothing good about invading another land for the sake of the military-industrial complex and big business.

I’d like to thank all my readers for coming across this article. Please come back soon for more articles on the principles of liberty, my two trilogies Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid, and ways for you to pursue your own passion in an honest, self-reliant way.