How Our Unique Personality Type Encourages us to Pursue Passion in A Humanitarian Way

Okay, so the Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging (INFJ) is the rarest and often misunderstood personality type in existence today. It’s so rare, only 1-2% of the total population are able to identify with being INFJ.

I’m one of those few.

What makes the INFJ so unique?

1) We wish our work to be humanitarian. So, on My Freedom Flame, I preach about two things: pursuing passion and exposing the deep state, which is a result of my own pursuit of passion. I do talk of my upcoming works, Comeback Kid and Lord of Columbia, but these works intertwine with what I preach.

2) Don’t tell us “A job is a job.” Look, I get those in the TSA are “just doing their jobs” to make a living. Ditto for the police, and anyone else in the work force. For the INFJ, we’re not going to do a job for the sake of having a job. We need our work to expand beyond punching a timeclock and getting paid. It’d make us miserable. Don’t put us in a factory; we’d be fired in seconds. Don’t put us behind a desk of a large corporation and make them a lot of money. That’s just who we are.

3) We have a superpower, and it’s empathic. This means, and it often gets us in trouble with both ourselves and others, that we can see through anyone by merely looking at them. I can tell of others’ situations simply by “feeling” energy. Few people believe in this, but if you do, you’re probably an INFJ or a closely related type, like an INFP. But, what do we do? We like to ignore our vibes half the time because “we’re judging.” Then, when we outsmart ourselves, we look back fondly at being right the first time around. So, if you’re INFJ, don’t be afraid to trust your vibes.

4) We’re the friendliest personality type but proceed with caution. Many regard the INFJ as being a fake person, but what really happens is if we’re pushed beyond a certain limit by someone, even a close friend or relative, we’ll put up a wall. A permanent wall. In other words, if we’re offended badly enough or if we have a bad enough experience with someone, that person will be dead to us. So, we’re friendly, but we’re a sensitive personality who takes every single word to heart. Compliment often and criticize with caution. Side note: this DOES NOT mean we need safe spaces if we’re hurt or offended.

5) We’re hardworkers, but…we need to see value in our work. If we don’t see value in our work, we’re likely to do work we see value in, even if we’re at work. We’re not going to work for the sake of working for a paycheck, as mentioned earlier.

6) We’re fact-based. Many of my posts contain links to sources of my claims and findings. We will always point to facts, even if the majority of the population (this is especially true regarding US foreign policy abroad) ignores an unpopular truth and believes a popular lie. We always point to the truth, even if the truth hurts. For that, we can be very blunt. We don’t mean to offend. Never offend, but we are natural truth-seekers.

7) We’re perfectionists. We crave the perfect relationship with friends, peers, and significant others. We believe in “happily ever after,” and we expect perfection or at least a strive for perfection with our partners. You’ll see this a lot in both Comeback Kid and Lord of Columbia, where my male protagonist looks for the ideal female and ideal situation. Sorry for the spoiler! We’re quick to point out imperfection, and it’s not to be negative; it’s to motivate our partners.

8) We’re passionate, and we won’t let go of anything without a fight. Some people will mistake the INFJ’s kindness and leniency as weakness. However, we’re just patient, and we’re not afraid to resort to battle stations if it means getting our point across.


Sometimes, and it’s related to an above point, it makes us come off as self-centered, but in truth, we walk the narrow path. If our passions involve something complex as mine do, simple things like laundry or cleaning may be overlooked or we’re unwittingly delegate simple tasks to others. Again, it appears selfish, but in reality, we have a bigger picture in our minds.

So, what is the INFJ’s quest?

It’s for a better world, through and through. When we something wrong in society, we’re quick to point it out and immediately look for ways to improve current situations. We do this in many settings, and many conformists are either unable or unwilling to learn and understand the complexity of an INFJ’s mind. We focus on the bigger picture. The bigger the better. We never focus on the micro, but instead on the macro.

Some of what we do will get us into trouble, but we’re all passionate. Some of the most influential people, both good and bad, were or are INFJ. Many prominent people who believe what they’re doing to the world is good, or they may be doing good in the world, fall into the INFJ personality.