Pepsi and Proles

How the Proles Retain A False Sense of Prosperity

What is a Prole?

A Prole is something that sounds like it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, but in reality, a Prole is Orwellian in nature, stemming from the Marxist term, Proletariat.
What do the Proles do?

In short, they work and breed, and are completely oblivious to the political corruption surrounding them. They live in extreme poverty, but a few think they live in extreme prosperity. There is a lower, middle, and upper class among the Proles.

We see this in our everyday life.

Welfare recipients to those making up to $50,000 per year make up the lower class.
The middle class, also the working class, make up those who work retail, manual labor, union jobs, jobs for the county and local governance, and anyone making roughly $50,000 to $150,000 per year.

The upper class?

I don’t know, perhaps those who keep us distracted. You know, the singers, actors, athletes, those who focus on mindless entertainment and we continue to buy their work. Heck, I’m a Browns fan, and a sports fan, so I guess I’m distracted, except my distraction only goes so far.

At least I know a few things, such as why the American Civil War really began, who Lysander Spooner is (practically the opposite of Karl Marx), who Nikola Tesla is (practically the opposite of Thomas Edison), and what US foreign policy really does to the world (practically the opposite of what they tell you in school, something about spreading freedom and democracy by propping up current bases and waging perpetual war in over 130 countries).

Then there are false flags, which spring up everywhere, and have sprung up everywhere to justify US foreign intervention since 1898, beginning with the USS Maine and the Spanish-American War, Wilson’s provoking of German submarines to sink the Lusitania, FDR’s trade embargo on the Dutch Indies, knowing Japan would retaliate, to Operation Northwoods in 1961, which, had it been conducted, would’ve thrown the US into a war with Cuba.

But what about today, where we’re so brainwashed into thanking American soldiers for fighting abroad to keep us free so we can watch sporting events?

Just to clarify, as I often do, I’m not anti-military and I’m appalled nothing more is being done to address PTSD (caused by false flags), and homeless veterans. Hadn’t these people been through enough hell as it is, brought on by the very government they pledged to serve?

Sounds like a raw deal.

And yet, the Prole continues following orders of state-run propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, which really preach the same doctrine if it involves perpetual war, sanctions, false prosperity like low unemployment rates and the strength of the dollar against the world’s other currencies, and then some.

Again, sounds Orwellian, and yes, the media is state-run (you need a government license, after all).

But again, is it any different than the Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Peace, and Ministry of Love? The media can belong in the Ministry of Truth, which manufactures lies, like false chemical attacks in Syria. Ministry of Plenty lies daily when they state the economy is strong, the dollar is strong, and unemployment is low. Or perpetual war, where America always needs an enemy, be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Russia, Iran, or whoever else comes next, also known as Ministry of Peace, which always states the US is saving the day, but for some odd reason the troops never come home and war is never-ending, as we’re approaching seventeen years in Afghanistan.

Does the world’s strongest military really need seventeen years to defeat third-world coalitions?

War is peace.

And yet, the Prole repeats what it’s demanded to recite, which can be seen at every sporting event which is nothing more than stolen tax dollars used to promote a false sense of patriotism and restrict free speech by NFL players in the public sphere.

But, what does the Prole state, as they’ve been trained to state?

1) Soldiers are dying for our freedom over in some third-world country fighting some third-world coalition.

2) I thank the soldiers for fighting for our freedom and defending America against threats from abroad.

3) If it wasn’t for America’s soldiers and military personnel, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy such freedoms (such as needing a license for fishing and being forced at gunpoint to pay property taxes).

4) I thank America’s brave men and women for spreading democracy across the world (like a two-party system that completely ignores third-party candidates who often have better solutions than socialists (Republicans) and Marxists (Democrats)). Sure, in North Korea, only one prominent name appears on the ballot, in America, two names appear. So much for democracy, which never appears in the Constitution.

5) Public schooling is the best way for a child to learn school subjects and social skills. Those who aren’t trained for twelve years in public schooling will lack social skills.



I’ll stop there, because I can go on and on.

But, I hope you now know why I can’t justify just being a Prole. Look, I could easily become the best personal trainer ever, but if I did that, I’d be sedated into believing the lies listed above.

Being a Prole, especially a higher-end Prole, may have its benefits, but to be honest, it’s nothing more than a bribe for ignorance. Just take this money, take these benefits, and this retirement pension, get stressed, take part in this mindless entertainment we’ve subsidized for you to enjoy, and look the other way while we feed you lies through our media outlets.

But, there’s one benefit greater than money, power, and manipulation, and that’s knowledge. Knowledge can never be taken away, and when an idea is spread to enough people, awesome things happen.

And it’s why I pursue my passion in writing.


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