As Writers, We Write Our Concerns, and Backlash Shouldn’t Be One

Don’t be concerned about backlash, mainly, because regardless of what you write about, backlash at all levels is inevitable. Look at the greatest books and greatest authors of all time and go to Amazon; they all have one-star reviews.

Trolls exist, and if the internet remains (which it will), trolls will continue to troll.

Take writers like myself who aren’t afraid to state their thoughts on religion and politics.


We’re definitely going to experience backlash.

Heck, take writers who talk about sports; they’re going to experience backlash from at least a rival fanbase of whom they’re covering.

Again, backlash is inevitable. You’re going to encounter it.

My trilogy, Lord of Columbia, is as anti-globalization and anti-statist at all levels as a trilogy can get.

There will be a lot of Republicans and Democrats sharing a common enemy: Me.

When Lord of Columbia is released in September am I going to expect five-star reviews from everyone?

Of course, not.

Will I expect one-star reviews?

Of course.

From the front cover to one of its many allegories, I can assure you even Pittsburgh sports fans will hate on the work because the cover (hint) is laden with orange and brown. The colors of each faction will cause friction.

So, how many people do I hope like the book after they recognize the theme?

I don’t know, maybe five people.

Why five people?

Really, it’s all I need. I don’t need any more than five.

Why not?

Because these five people will find five other likeminded souls who will like the trilogy. If my trilogy sells one-thousand copies and gets nine-hundred and ninety-five one-star reviews I won’t be discouraged.


Because five people liked it, and I only need five people. Those five people will find five more people, so I’ll have thirty people loving the book. Then, those twenty-five newbies will find five people, and I’ll have one-hundred and twenty-five, on top the thirty who already loved the book.

They’ll buy the rest of the trilogy.

Lord of Columbia is for Libertarians, but even they will hate on the NFL allegorical theme.

Then again, maybe they’ll love and embrace it. A flame is orange, after all, and a goblet, a wooden goblet, is brown. Perhaps orange and brown go well with freedom?
So, who’s my target audience?

Oh, just Libertarians, Voluntarists, anarcho-capitalists, critics of the public sector, patriots, and others in the same boat.

Who’re the majority of people poised to hate on the trilogy?

Republicans, Democrats, statists, Marxists, Cultural Marxists, cops, the TSA, NSA, CIA, makes no difference, any government agency will hate Lord of Columbia.