America Be Warned, You’re the Next United Kingdom

If This Post Makes Me Look Like I’m Spreading Hate Speech, So Be It

By now, most of us who follow international news know of the whole Tommy Robinson fiasco, but many have zero idea why his arrest is so significant. Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, was reporting outside a courthouse streaming a live video on Facebook about Islamic rape gangs springing up all over Europe.

These rape gangs, better known as grooming gangs, consist of Muslim immigrants who’ve been brought in to Europe by governments from the UK, France, Germany, and Sweden, among others to escape endless war in the Middle East and North Africa, caused by the West, such as France’s major role in overthrowing the Libyan government in 2011.

So, what do these grooming gangs do?

They approach troubled teenage girls and young women in the streets, coerce them from the public to private premises, drug, and gang rape them. They do this several times in succession in the form of gang rape. When they’ve grown tired of the women, they don’t release them, but instead hand them off to other grooming gangs participating in sex slave trade.

Guys, this is happening all over Europe.

Further, and it’s seen in the UK among other places, Muslim-immigrant territories falling victim to Sharia law realize nothing will be done against this.

Take a case in Germany, where 1,200 daughters were raped by Muslim immigrants back in 2015 who’d arrived the previous year. It was a New Year’s Day celebration, these grooming gangs swooped down and participated in gang rape.

Who was blamed?

The women, for supposedly dressing in ways that offended these Muslim men.
And this Cultural Marxism is happening all over Europe, destroying western culture as a result. Before I go any further, I want to reiterate the fact that most Muslim people don’t act like this. In fact, between 20-25% of all Muslims act in such an extremist way, basically following Sharia Law almost to a T, and again, it’s allowed in these Western nations due to the fear of Islamophobia. But again, 75-80% of all Muslims are peaceful, good people, and find good in the religion, so this post is by no means a stereotype or a display of Islamophobia in any way, shape, or form.

But, what must be taken into account are the following:

1) Not all Americans are neoconservative warmongers, but America operates as the policemen of the world. And again, only extreme Trump apologists tend to be warmongers these days plus die-hard statists. The majority of Americans don’t condone wars created by their own government under the false meaning of freedom.

2) Not all Germans were Nazis during World War II, yet Hitler ran amok in Europe.

3) Ditto for Russia, when not all Russians were communists during the Bolshevik revolution.

4) Not all Jewish people are Zionist; only a slim percentage, like Muslim extremists, believe in Zionist principles, which are just as evil as Islamic extremism.

5) Not all white Christians are judgmental toward others for believing in other religion, but we all have at least one or two nutjobs in our families who if you claim you aren’t Christian, you’re going to Hell in their book.


The same applies to this situation. The actions of the few, however, must be taken into account and addressed, and as the title implies, America is next. For those who say this will never happen here, we’ve already taken the first steps.

1) America has begun a campaign of endless war in the Middle East, antagonizing peaceful Muslims into extremists. Back in 2011, the 20-25% of extremists was much lower, but since 2011, America and its allies left and re-entered Iraq, destroyed a secular government in Libya, invaded Syria uninvited, and are now threatening Iran, all predominately Muslim nations.

2) YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, among other social media and sharing platforms are already censoring conservative or libertarian viewpoints on the issue, siding only with leftist perspectives. In other words, the globalist view is being presented in large quantities to viewing audiences while the conservatives and libertarians are shunted to one side.

3) Monuments, plaques, and statues preserving American history are already being torn down. In the south, Confederate heritage has been dying since 2015, where the Left wrongfully blames petty issues like the Battle Flag as motivation for hate just because white supremacist groups tend to use it. Again, like with Muslims and Islamic supremacy, most whites don’t believe in white supremacy. In other words, our history is already being erased.


Europe is one step ahead of the United States, on step four. What’s step four?

4) Importing such people in from Islamic nations and allowing them to invoke Sharia Law while destroying Western culture as a result. Many neighborhoods in the UK, which Tommy Robinson has toured, have already fallen victim to Sharia Law. Now, those non-Muslim neighbors in these neighborhoods are at greatest risk of being beaten or killed by such extremism. Many state, well, this is their culture. It is, but it’s NOT Western culture.


Guys, I’m all for immigration, and I’m all for freedom of religion, but I’m also for freedom from religion, which is the great thing about America. We can actively pursue freedom from religion, and while many point the UK lacks the same free speech laws as America, the UK government is actively choosing who can and can’t relay free speech. Unfortunately, the UK is censoring its own people, it’s values, norms, and culture in favor of Islamic aggression.

In other words, the UK government operates in a way that if it agrees with what you’re saying, you’re free to state whatever you want. Heck, being that those who follow Sharia Law may beat, kill, and gang rape innocent non-Muslims, you can do whatever you want under Sharia Law.

And if you “breach the peace” for informing others of a differing opinion without the slightest hint of hate speech, you’re going to jail, directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect two-hundred. And the ulterior motive of the UK government is for Tommy Robinson to die in prison. He’s being sentenced to thirteen months after a quick trial, so quick the verdict and sentencing was likely already pre-planned. But he’s being sent to a prison boasting a high Muslim population, and it’s likely he’s going to be beaten to death.
In other words, the UK government won’t kill you, because that’s next to Marxism, but they know people who will do so with a smile and bow.

This leads me to my fifth step, which Europe will face in due time due to declining birth rates of their native population and increasing birthrates in the Muslim population. Islam is set to overtake Christianity by 2050-2060 if birth rates continue at the rate they are for each respective religion. The increasing war against Islamic nations orchestrated by the same Western nations instigating such wars, led by the United States, is going to cause the extremist number to rise.

5) Those not following Sharia Law will be slaughtered. Islam is the religion of the new world order, and while no man on a white horse is going to save us, Islam is the religion of the new world order. If you look at the steps, and of how we got here, to this point, you’ll realize that the West took a religion, attacked it, stereotyped it, spread it, implemented it, and finally forced it.


Again, Islam isn’t a bad religion. There’s nothing inherently evil about Islam, don’t let conservative Christians fool you. Instead, it’s being scapegoated, in the same way Zionism is being used in Israel where it’s excused as Judaism, but on a worldwide level.
Zionism is creating a supremist state in Israel while Islamic apologist governments all over Europe are spreading Islam the same way, while killing birth rates in Europe, and soon America, and increasing birthrates via Islamic extremists, many of whom weren’t born extremist, but became extremist, due to what America and the West did to their homelands.

One thought on “America Be Warned, You’re the Next United Kingdom

  1. Very logical progression as well as the underlying causes for this situation. In fact it is known that Moslem Brotherhood, which by the way was the beginning of it all, was begun by El Banna in Egypt, who was recruited by western intelligence, probably to instigate trouble and terrorism within the Arab world. The Brotherhood was courted by Clinton and blessed by Obama, and later came ISIS and others. Erdogan was hoping to be the Caliph! Thank God the Egyptians toppled them and Washington was really mad. Anyway yes I agree the immigration is a catastrophe for Europe, how could they be stupid? Someone should take them to task, because the politicians are answerable to the people. Racism and other terms are invalid when people’s culture, heritage and security is stake. And this is a Lebanese speaking.

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