Influences Behind Lord of Columbia: America’s Failed Foreign Policy

This Memorial Day

As writers, we all have influences behind our stories, and in Lord of Columbia, my direct influence is America’s failed foreign policy. So, without further ado, contrary of what the television, our parents, teachers, and peers tell us, what is America’s real stance in the world?


What if…

I told you American Foreign Policy was never about freedom?


What if I told you our foreign policy was all about upholding special interest groups?


What if I told you every single war since 1950 was based on lies?


What if I told you the thousands of American lives lost overseas are a minute number compared to the millions of Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Syrians who’ve been killed or displaced?


What if I told you our staggering national debt is killing the dollar both at home and as the reserve currency of the world due to outrageous military spending concerned only with benefitting that of the few at the expense of America’s Middle Class?


What if I told you about an upcoming military draft that, once America stretches its empire so thin around the world it’ll have no choice but to conscript?


What if I told you the hatred for America throughout the world isn’t about false freedoms we have here, but for the oppression, endless bombings, and underground torture camps throughout the world.


What if I told you “‘terrorists” in the Middle East were actually freedom fighters in their homeland, and if war had come to American soil we’d be doing the same thing as these “terrorists?”


What if I told you American Foreign Policy was never about keeping peace, but instead for destroying lands 3,000+ miles away which have ZERO direct effect on national security?


What if I told you 9/11 was a direct consequence to America’s recklessness in the Middle East and throughout the world?


What if I told you hostility toward America isn’t because of freedoms, but because of secret military bases in over 130 countries worldwide, meddling in over 100 elections since the creation of the CIA, and fighting secret wars in countries like Niger?


What if I told you such consequences destroys, as it’s doing now, America’s credibility in the world, being spearheaded by Rothschild syndicate, Donald J. Trump?


What if I told you America lost its greatness a long time ago, and no longer was the champion of freedom, but became an Orwellian policeman of the world?


What if I told you endless wars based on lies abroad motivate those in power to usurp personal liberties here at home.?


Perhaps that’s why America is hated in the world. So, this Memorial Day, remember something. It’s never about fighting overseas for freedom. It’s never about defending the country by invading and bombing others into a shell of what these nations once were.


Remember that America isn’t on the defensive, but it’s on the offensive, it’s the oppressive, Evil Empire in the world today. Well, all great empires fall, and America is no different. It was never about freedom. It never will be about freedom. It’s only about war propaganda George Orwell and James Bradbury once warned us about, wars based on lies and counterattacks caused by America’s oppression in the world.


Just something to think about.


From a concerned Son of Liberty.


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