The NFL’s Greedy Political Stunt: Jerry Jones and Co. Fall to the Deep State

Why it Will be Hard to Tune into the NFL this Season

For one, I love my Cleveland Browns, but it’s hard to watch football this season. I can’t just watch football knowing the United States Department of Defense uses the NFL as a political platform to garner support for the nation’s military-industrial complex to recruit young kids who idolize NFL players into the armed forces.

This isn’t for freedom. It was never for freedom.

No, America has been creating enemies in oil-rich regions overseas since the 1953 Iranian Coup, and they’ve been doing so ever since in Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and now Iran’s on the chopping block.

Their false claim?

These countries manufacture terrorists because they hate our freedom.
Riddle me this, America.

If the East Bloc hated freedom so much in the Cold War, why were East Germans fleeing to West Germany? If the oppressed hated the free so much, why not just attack West Germany?

The American government’s logic makes zero sense. The oppressed flee to free regions not to attack them, but to live in harmony and to live free.

Ludwig von Mises did so. Ditto for many who lived through the days of Nazi Germany blitzing all of Europe.

The NFL’s “patriotic” pregame performances are taxpayer funded by the middle class to make a claim NFL players are “patriotic” but after what we’ve seen last week, it’s nothing more than forced nationalism because the NFL has lost both money and ratings over this.

But a critical thinker would ask why this is the case?

Enter populist Donald Trump, a man whose ties with the Deep State, the same Deep State making money off both oil and the military-industrial complex, date back to 1987 when Rothschild Incorporated bailed him out of financial hardship after he lost over one-billion dollars due to the collapse of the New York Real Estate Market.

In what was a protest of police brutality that had nothing to do with the military, Donald Trump spun the issue and his sheep supporters, who’ve long been incapable of thinking for themselves, blindly went along with the ruse.

Colin Kaepernick’s protest had nothing to do with the military, as he’d stated time and again. Yet, Trump’s simple-minded supporters never bothered to look deeper into the issue and instead, went along with their master like sheep to a shepherd.

Only a critical thinker would ask, what really happened?

Enter former US Army Ranger, Nate Boyer, who spent a training camp with the Seattle Seahawks. Boyer noticed Kaepernick sitting, not kneeling, during the National Anthem during the pre-season. Kaepernick’s act irked Boyer to the point he reached out and asked about Kaepernick’s motive.

Kaepernick said he was fed up with police brutality on the black community, and after further discussion, Boyer understood Kaepernick’s position.

So, the two men reached a compromise. Boyer suggested Kaepernick kneel during the National Anthem in favor of sitting, as when a soldier dies in action overseas, their next of kin is given a folded American flag. The one presenting the flag kneels when they hand it over to the next of kin. Kneeling symbolizes half-staff, which also symbolizes mourning.

Thus, Kaepernick exercised his right to free speech by taking Boyer’s recommendations and started kneeling during the National Anthem, which sparked a movement on spreading awareness of police brutality on the black community.

However, there’s more to the story, as Donald Trump, a man whose been corrupt as the Clintons latched onto this and knew he could use his propagandist ways, much like Adolf Hitler once had, and spun it to demonize Kaepernick and the NFL.

And again, Trump is nothing more than a Rothschild front man working for the Deep State, whose motives include spreading a one-world dictatorship in which they’re in charge. But Trump knew if he could bend the truth some and turn it into a protest of the military, his simple-minded sheep would follow right along.

Trump knew the truth, but he also knew his supporters worship the ground upon which he walks and latch on to his every word, be it a truth or a lie.

Trump lied, just as he’s been lying for thirty-one years on who he really is. He claims to be fighting against the Deep State, but he’s been in collusion with them, just like the Clintons, for decades.

Trump knew the real motive for these pre-game ceremonies the NFL gets subsidized for by the United States Department of Defense is to increase military recruitment among high school kids and tell them they’re fighting bad guys overseas.

Again, high school kids never research this stuff. Heck, their Trump-loving, or for this matter, Clinton-loving parents won’t do any further research and blindly follow their master and mistress.

Here’s how the United States has operated over the past sixty years. We’re a country who claims to be humanitarian, claims to be fighting overseas for freedom and democracy, claims to be the good guys in the world and our presence is needed overseas and in the Middle East to keep the peace.

Honestly, if you’re simple enough to believe in these lies, you need to have your head evaluated.

Unless I’m mistaken, over the twentieth century, the biggest war zones in the world were in Europe, the Soviet Union, and Southeast Asia. The Middle East didn’t even begin to become a war zone until the Zionist Rothschilds, under the Balfour Declaration, created an all-Jewish state in the Middle East by herding Arabs and forcing them off the land to be used for such a state.

Can you blame the people in the Middle East for what they’re doing?

The US has military bases surrounding Iran.

Can you blame them for wanting a nuclear weapon?

John Bolton says the US is going to give North Korea the Libya treatment.

Can you blame Kim Jong-un for backing off talks with the US? Ghaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons in Libya and all hell broke loose.

Can you blame the Palestinians for protesting relocation of the US embassy to East Jerusalem?

How can one even justify calling unarmed Palestinians being massacred terrorists?

Seriously, if an armed country is killing off unarmed protestors, the real terrorists are the Israelis, led by Ben Netanyahu, a good friend of Jared Kushner, who happens to be Donald Trump’s Zionist son-in-law.

Yet, when you support your tax dollars going to these godforsaken NFL pregame ceremonies, you’re supporting the following:

1) Forced nationalism, as seen in Nazi Germany, North Korea, and the Soviet Union.

2) The blood of millions of Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Palestinians, Ukrainians, Yemenites, and Turks are on your tax-funded hands.

3) Radical Islamist groups fighting the Syrian governments.

4) Saudi Arabia, who is Israel’s biggest ally in the Middle East next to the United States. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers on September 11th, 2001 happened to be from Saudi Arabia, but somehow Iraq was blamed for this in 2003 and now the finger’s being pointed at Iran. I cry foul.

5) Extreme human rights violations in countries of US allies. The US claims to be against such violations, yet their best friends happen to be the United Kingdom (see yesterday’s article for the UK’s human rights debacle), Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, five countries in the world with horrific human rights records.

6) Cultural Marxism in Europe. This one relates to the above point. Radical Islamist supremacists are sweeping through Europe and the UK has been hit the hardest along with France and Germany. This will be coming to the United States in about ten years, people, which means we still have time to put a stop to this thing.

So, if you think forcing others to stand for the National Anthem because it’s the only way to respect the flag, show support for the military, and somehow thank them for what they’re doing overseas (enforcing war crimes being committed by the Deep State), you’re wrong. This goes deeper than social injustice seen here in the States.

It was never about freedom. It was never about humanitarianism. It was never about overthrowing evil dictators, especially since Libya’s in a far worse state. It’s only about forced nationalism and implementing a cult of personality seen across the world today.


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