Dear United Kingdom, Freedom Will Win the Day: Free Tommy Robinson

Human Rights in the United Kingdom Have Collapsed

This Memorial Day is a great time for Americans to remember those who died for liberty, and I’m not talking about the godforsaken wars we’ve been involved in based on lies since the turn of the 20th century.

I’m talking about two wars: The American Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812, both of which the United States of America fought the United Kingdom. While America won the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, in all legal standing, ended in a stalemate, in which the Treaty of Ghent was signed.

Yet, through the years, the United Kingdom continued to usurp rights of its own people while America turned into an evil bastion of imperial status once held by the United Kingdom and have been actively usurping rights and destroying lands in the name of profit for the oil industries and military-industrial complex.

America’s final frontier in usurping liberties lies in America, as the United Kingdom’s final frontier lie in the United Kingdom.

America needs to learn from the United Kingdom and (again) cut ties with this brutal regime.

Hey, I’m not going to sit here and say Hussein, Ghaddafi, King Jong-un, and Bashar Assad are (were) angels, because they’re (they) not (weren’t). I will say from my research, Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction, Ghaddafi gave up his nuclear arms and was still murdered in a brutal regime change spearheaded by the United States, and Kim Jong-un has every right in the world to be on the fence after neoconservative John Bolton stated the US is going to do to North Korea what they did to Libya.

Side note: If you really do your due diligence, you’ll find that the regime change in Libya led by the CIA, Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton contributed to a massive weapons trafficking operation that led to the creation of ISIS.

What I’m saying is America is on the fast track to become the next United Kingdom, and this isn’t a good thing.


Free Tommy Robinson

For those of you keeping up with world news, independent right-wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested for supposedly “breaching the peace,” as is law in the UK.

So, how does the UK define breaching the peace?

It basically means if one says anything against the Leftist agenda, and preaches it in public, they’re automatically labeled a racist, or something similar and can be subject to a prison sentence.

If you look at the Baby Alphie case in the UK last month, UK police (this is why police are pigs, people) enforced an unjust law in monitoring Facebook and Twitter, banning anyone who spoke out against the UK’s socialized medicine. UK police could arrest and harass anyone speaking against the crimes committed by the state.



Tommy Robinson’s Case

Okay, so Tommy Robinson was arrested, taken to court, and jailed for his actions in speaking out against the UK’s authoritarian government.

So, what was Tommy Robinson broadcasting against?

A gang rape case in which the UK’s authoritarian government issued an order of silence on coverage of the case.

Tommy did a livestream broadcast covering the case handing out already available information of the case to his following.

So, if you read the above information carefully, Robinson reported on a case whereas reports were already circulating despite reporting restrictions. Despite the UK’s order of silence.

So, what gives?

Why was Tommy the one getting a thirteen-month prison sentence and no one else?

It’s because Robinson is a right-wing activist, and nothing else. This is what the UK does. If someone goes to report something that doesn’t cover their agenda, they arrest and send them to jail on the spot.



What’s Going to Happen?

This is a death sentence for Robinson. People on the Left in the UK hate him and unfortunately, the UK is full of Leftists who realize Robinson is going to die in prison.



They want him to die.

This is how the UK intimidates its people into silence. The UK censors their people into silence, and it trickles down from its dishonest Prime Minister, Theresa May, who in April lied about the Skripal poisoning to the local police force.

And this is why we can’t trust police. The police force in both the US and UK are government monopolies intent on using intimidation methods to force others into conformity.

When you’re driving at a speed you’re comfortable driving on the highway and you see a cop, what happens?


You’re going seventy in a fifty-five, when the speed limit should be ten miles higher, and see a cop, what happens?

You’re intimidated into slowing down to the speed of a seventy-year-old retiree and now you’re in a pack of cars in which there’s a much higher likelihood of an accident occurring.

So, back to Robinson.

Why won’t be make it through prison and why does the UK government, from Theresa May to local law enforcement, know this?

There’s a high Muslim population in UK prisons and they hate Robinson. Look, Robinson has been very critical on child rapes from Pakistani and other Muslim gangs in the UK in which children, the UK’s children, have been disappearing.

Before I go any further, just as I state I’m not anti-Jewish in any way, shape, or form when criticizing the Zionists, I’m in no way, shape, or form anti-Muslim. I’m anti-Islamic Extremist, where the ideologies of these people are Islamic Supremacy, just as I’m anti-Zionist. Look, I’m very chill with both the Jewish and Muslim faiths, in fact, they’re both, in Biblical terms, descended from Abraham’s two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, but I’m in no way, shape, or form pro-Zionist or pro-Islamic Extremist (I’ve never researched the proper term here). Just as in America I’m anti-White Supremist and anti-Black Supremist. I’m anti-Supremist.




Okay, so a while back a man placed a bacon sandwich outside a Mosque and was sent to prison in the UK. Yes, you read that right, sent to prison for a stupid prank.



Should there be a prison sentence?

Let’s be reasonable.

Anyway, just a few months into his prison sentence, this man was found dead in his cell.
I hate to say it, but Tommy Robinson doesn’t stand a chance in prison and it’s all because of the UK’s authoritarian government that George Orwell warned about in his book Nineteen Eighty-Four and no one listened.

Well, now Nineteen Eighty-Four is happening right before our eyes and it’s bad, really bad, in places like the UK, Germany, and Sweden (oh, why, Sweden?).



The UK’s Corrupt System

Okay, so a second-hand source to my source on this topic stated that in the courtroom, someone said if Tommy gets sentenced he’s likely to die.

The judge threw their hands up and acknowledged the likelihood of Tommy losing his life, saying, “He knew what he was getting himself into.”

The UK knows what they’re doing. They’re cracking down on freedom of speech on all individuals even appearing to belong to the right-wing. Now, as a libertarian I have both right and left-wing views, but until recently, both sides have agreed freedom of speech should be alive and well.



America’s Slippery Slope

Unfortunately, the Left has censored anything it deems “prejudice,” but what they forget is we have a right in the United States to discriminate, and pick and choose anything over everything.

We have things like affirmative action laws, meaning we have quotas that must be hit for certain races and ethnic groups to promote diversity and multiculturalism, but we need to understand this is what has already happened in the UK with disastrous consequences.

And again, I’m not racist; I have friends of every single race and background; I’m against diversity quotas. Hey, I don’t care what gender, color, or religion you are. If you deserve the job, position, or whatever, it’s yours. I’ve no preference.

Am I saying this kind of prejudice doesn’t exist?

Of course not. I know several Good Old Boys’ Clubs that exist and in all honesty I have as much disdain for them (as you’ll find out in Lord of Columbia) as I do affirmative action laws.

Yes, I said in America we have the right to discriminate.

But I never once said, or will ever say, it’s a good idea. And people forget discrimination is always blamed on one side, the majority. Okay, so let’s look at two organizations that discriminate, as they should: GLAAD, a gay rights organization and the NAACP, an advancement for blacks.

Do I expect a straight or white president, or straight or white officer or official for either of these organizations?

Of course not.

What about certain organizations that only allow certain types of people. Do I expect, if I don’t fit the criteria, to be inducted into these organizations?

Again, no.

So, what the Left never tells you is discrimination exists on both sides, and in some ways, it’s okay. In other ways, it isn’t.

Let’s say if I owned a business. Would I bar certain people from coming in to my business based on sexual preference, skin color, religion, or anything I’ve left out?

The answer is a resounding no. See, I’m in business to make a profit, and to provide excellent customer service for anyone and everyone walking into my business.

However, as a trainer, would there be certain potential clients I’d deny training with me?

The answer is yes.

Does it have to do with race or anything listed above?


It has to do with what I specialize in, and what the other trainers in my gym specialize in. and nothing more.

Is it discrimination?

It is.




Guys, this is an intimidation tactic used by this godforsaken UK government. People think the UK has identical freedoms we do in the US, but they’ve clearly been usurped. They’re gone, and it’s going to happen here in America, unless you, me, and others do something about it and put a stop to this thing.

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