Donald Trump Gives into the Globalists

Under Trump, the Deep State is Alive and Well

Donald Trump duped his supporters. Heck, Donald Trump has thirty-one years of dirty history in colluding with not Russia, as liberals claimed, but the Deep State. I recently wrote an article about Donald Trump’s collusion with the Deep State earlier this month, which can be found here.

Now, Donald Trump ran on an anti-establishment ticket, and while Hillary Clinton may’ve been the Deep State’s first choice, Trump has become their equivalent to what Nick Foles was to the Philadelphia Eagles: A Super Bowl-winning backup.

The truth about Donald Trump is he’s reneged on all of his foreign policies, and has even hired neoconservatives like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Gina Haspel to do his bidding. But, before Trump supposedly succumbed to the Deep State’s power, he turns around and chooses Mike Pence, a raging neoconservative warmonger, to run as his Vice President.



Ron Paul on Trump’s Failed Foreign Policy

Alex Jones hosted Ron Paul of the Ron Paul Liberty Report on his show, and prodded Paul on why Trump has turned on his campaign promises. Jones, a Trump supporter himself, is even confused at Trump’s impulsiveness in succumbing to the globalists and the Deep State.

I rarely call out Ron Paul, but he of all people, Jones included, should’ve seen Trump’s connection to the Rothschilds, George Soros, and Genie Oil, which has been in collusion since the late 1980’s when Rothschild Inc. bailed out Trump after he nearly lost everything when the New York real estate market collapsed, including his casinos, Resorts International, which has a dirty history in drug and weapons trafficking with the CIA and Israeli Mossad.

Okay, so Donald Trump agreed with and praised Paul on several occasions regarding foreign policy. Before his 2016 Presidential Campaign, Trump tweeted Paul was right about staying out of Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Trump rightfully criticized former Deep State puppets Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their roles in the Libyan coup., which smuggled weapons through a pipeline in the Middle East and hence, created ISIS.

Sadly, this was the Donald’s Trump Card.



Since Trump’s Presidency

Since Trump took office in January 2017, he’s since reneged on Syria, leading yet another round of strikes in response to two false flag chemical attacks staged by Syrian rebels like Al-Nusra, Jaysh al-Islam, and al-Qaeda.

If one of these coalitions stood out at you, it’s a truth: The US has allied with al-Qaeda in Syria and in Yemen.

Trump signed into law something he claimed he would never do, and it was the 1.3 trillion-dollar omnibus bill, something he claims he’ll never do again. This bill fuels the warfare-welfare state the US has become. This occurred in a Republican-controlled House and Senate, who during the Obama administration promised smaller government, but it turns the Republicans are spending more than the Democrats.

For this matter, the warfare-welfare state is brought on its heels back to the Federal Reserve Bank, which funds the government’s deep pockets.

How much is the Trump-led US Government spending?

$52,000 per second!

Nothing is more dangerous to the US Dollar than the Fed, and nothing helps cover government domestic and military spending like the Fed. As long as the Republicans and Democrats are in office and continue to “fight” with one another, the Fed will never get as much as an audit.

Trump stated we needed out of Afghanistan, but he’s since spent more money to fund the war for US interests in Afghanistan and has sent an additional 3,000 troops to Afghanistan. Earlier this week, Trump appointed the eighteenth different commander in Afghanistan, once again leading the American people to a false hope that things in Afghanistan will change.

Also this week, under the direction of John Bolton, Trump canceled the historic summit with North Korea, claiming Kim Jong-un and his establishment refused to give into US demands. Earlier this year, Un met with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in and started peace talks. Yet, the US once again proved to be erratic and conducted war exercises in North Korea’s backyard, again threatening to invade the nation.

Kim Jong-un has since, which Trump has greedily taken credit for, releasing three American prisoners detained in North Korea. He bombed his own nuclear weapons site.


Yet, the neoconservatives stated they want to do with North Korea what the US did with Libya and Iraq. Invade the nation, kill the leaders, and leave the nation in shambles while annexing yet another colony into the American Empire, forcing the people to abide by American ways at gunpoint.

America claims it’s fighting these rogue dictators for freedom, when inn reality all it does is leave nations in ruins, kill civilians, and implement brutal regimes, while usurping civil liberties both at home and abroad.



Truth on US Foreign Policy

Neither North Korea, Syria, nor Iran should believe the US when it comes to peace talks. America has dismantled Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria, killing millions of innocent civilians. It’s also aided Saudi Arabia in destroying Yemen, which two weeks prior, bombarded a wedding reception.

Iran has since been talking with Russia and the European Union, and Syria would be wise to do the same. Trump’s bowing down to the Deep State may, ironically, help America in the long-run by playing Devil’s Advocate, as it will no longer have the capacity to police the world and dismantle nations and their civilians.

The US has spent over 5 trillion dollars in taxpayer money in the Middle East, claiming it’s for humanitarian purposes and spreading freedom and democracy, but all the US has done is cause more suffering and hardship in the Middle East, with zero chance of leaving the region alone, all for the interests not of the American people, but for the military-industrial complex and oil companies, many of whom belong to the Deep State.

America’s foreign policy is based on nothing but lies.



Why Does the Media Hate Trump?

So, why does the media hate Trump?

They can’t figure him out. He says one thing and does another. He talks a big talk but turns around and bows to the deep state. Trump’s policies have changed and are unpredictable. And after his national security advisor, John Bolton stated, “We’ll do to Korea what we did to Libya after Libya gave up its nuclear program,” it’s wise Kim Jong-un follow Iran’s footsteps and start talking to the European Union, many of whom are irked at Trump’s irrationality.

It’s clear Trump has not the slightest clue what he’s doing. He’s done nothing but cause inflation and given hardworking Americans false hope that their tax burden would be nullified. Trump, however, pulled another Trump card when he cut taxes for all Americans, but by expanding government, he’s enabled the Fed to print more money, inflating the dollar and increasing the gap between rich and poor.

Until the Federal Reserve Bank is audited and ultimately ended, the dollar will continue to weaken until the inevitable occurs. And when that day comes, there will be a nationwide understanding it was foolish for our parents and grandparents to teach us it’s wise to accept and take help from an overreaching government.


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