Truth on the NFL’s National Anthem Stance and How it Relates to US Foreign Policy

How this Issue Ties in With My Contemporary Fantasy Trilogy, Lord of Columbia

I listened to the Ron Paul Liberty Report and the subject was we’re on the eighteenth commander in Afghanistan in a seventeen-year failed war. The articles online are all the same: The new man in charge is going to change things. Is this a turning point? Yada, yada, yada.

The Cleveland Browns will find a franchise quarterback faster than Trump (or anyone in the Oval Office) will find someone with a solution in Afghanistan.

There is no one. Afghanistan has far too many resources American soldiers need to protect, and these resources aren’t lives. Look, Afghanistan is an impoverished country and the US is there for no apparent reason.

Many point to Osama bin-Laden and terrorist organizations, many of which originated in American ally, Saudi Arabia. Bin-Laden’s gone, he’s been gone for seven years.

So, what about Iraq? I touched on this subject before. While American nationalists will stand fiercely beside their government’s orders like the people of Oceania in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the story of Saddam Hussein (also dead) had weapons of mass destruction was a complete lie spearheaded by Ben Netanyahu and the CIA. It was a lie.

People accused Hussein of pulling babies from incubators. This kind of stuff does happen…in England when socialized medicine claims it costs too much to save a child and the government turns around and spends 94% of the royal wedding, that 94% being security, from taxpayer funds.

Who’s pulling incubators from babies, again?

The US tried to stand with England in the Skripal poisoning back in March. That was a lie, which is why it’s brushed under the table. In fact, the country guilty of the poisoning agent? The United States of America.

The US has sold billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia to use on women and children in Yemen. The media never tells you this.

The US stood beside Israel and justified their firing upon unarmed Palestinians protesting the relocation of the US embassy to East Jerusalem, traditionally Palestinian territory.

The US is occupying an area in Syria, uninvited, unlike Russia and Iran, which happens to be oil-rich.

The US has thousands of soldiers on active duty at the Jordan border near the Golan Heights, which is illegally occupied by Israel.

The 1979 hostage crisis in Iran, which the US points to justification to economic sanctions on Iran and labeling it a terrorist state comes on the heels of a 1953 coup. Of Mohamed Mossadegh back in 1953 to serve US and British interests in Iran.

It was Never About Freedom

Sure, I get social justice is the turnkey to National Anthem protests, but when your country participates in all of the above, you need to rethink your support for said country. Further, I’m not anti-patriotic. I’m not even anti-American.

Quite the contrary.

I’m very pro-American.

I’m very patriotic, and those who justify the above as collateral damage happen to be very pro-nationalist. They’re what I call false patriots. These false patriots back the government in every little issue regarding nationalism.

These false patriots believe in justification for American intervention in the Middle East, the Korean Peninsula, and all over Africa. These false patriots cite “humanitarian” reasons, but when I use the argument of the American Empire placing military bases in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, England, and other developed nations, I’ve been told it’s still for “humanitarian” purposes.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of several areas in the United States that can use humanitarian relief via the US military.

Now, I’m not anti-military; I’m very pro-military to the point I love Switzerland’s national service requirement. However, the difference is, Switzerland does this to keep their borders safe. If America did this, it would mean further suffering abroad, as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria lay in shambles, with Iran likely the next target.

This isn’t about freedom. It was never about freedom. It was never about humanitarianism. It was about profit, protecting the interests of elitists, and expanding the military-industrial complex. Again, the US military doesn’t defend your freedom abroad. It defends big industry at the expense of the middle and working class.

Each country the US has a presence in, makes said countries colonies of the American government, and these countries are forced at gunpoint to use US Dollars for trade. Want proof? Libya, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Iran, China, and North Korea have all been losing faith or have lost faith in using the US Dollar for trade.

Is it really a coincidence these countries listed above have strained relations with the US?
Is it a coincidence the US has placed economic sanctions on Russia (for annexing Crimea after a vote by the people of Crimea) and Iran repetitively trying to cripple their economies?

How This Ties to Lord of Columbia

For those who’ve been following my blog, you know the Southpoint Empire is an allegory for the American Empire, while Columbia, as the name implies, is an allegory for the American Colonies and the Old American Republic.

Columbia is a land under brutal Southpoint control. Southpoint controls Columbia’s businesses, currency, and what the Columbians can and can’t do to make a living. Southpoint routinely conscripts coming-of-age and of age Columbians to fight needless wars overseas to extend their own military-industrial complex.

Southpoint uses Columbia and their other colonies, in the false name of patriotism to support this military-industrial complex bubble via taxation without representation. Southpoint runs their lines thin, but their constant importing of working and lower-class subjects abroad allows them to carry on their brutal empire.

The Truth on Pregame National Anthems

It’s now known NFL Pregame National Anthems were funded with the same tax dollars that fund each missile strike launched and each bomb dropped overseas—from middle class Americans.

This is done to show innocent kids looking nothing more than an entertaining game the players they look up to feigning patriotism until the 2016 and 2017 NFL Seasons, when players began expressing their First Amendment Rights and started kneeling during the Anthem. Again, it was in the name of social injustice within, which exists, but it’s nothing compared to the social injustice abroad.

Guys, the US Department of Defense is using young Americans to get recruited while in high school in collusion with the NFL. This news came to the forefront a few years back and it’s still alive and well. The US Department of Defense uses taxpayer dollars to fund these inflated National Anthem ceremonies to recruit kids into military service because the globalists, in the false name of patriotism, want the players to loo “patriotic.”

They say take politics out of sports?

The US Department of Defense…or should I say, US Department of Offense, should stay out of sports. They’re the ones funding this with taxpayer dollars so a small elite in the oil and weapons industry can make their money.


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