A Tale of Two Trilogies, One Message

Self-reliance, courage, determination, pursuit, finding one’s higher self, soul searching, there’s a lot to love about Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid. Different genres, different characters, different goals, one narrow path. Different settings, time periods, abilities, realism versus fantasy, the whole nine yards, one world.

Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid may be different works, but something rings true for each; the mission of this blog, My Freedom Flame. On one end, Lord of Columbia deals with sensitive issues like the deep state, government corruption, lies, and the strangle they’ve placed on our media, and usurpation of individual liberties. Lord of Columbia is the more adult-oriented of the two, and it’s not something parents would want their children reading. Heck, I’d shudder if I caught my own mother reading it.

Comeback Kid is family-friendly, and a good read for anyone from kids to adults. It has a broader target market, because it’s inspirational, something all age levels can take a message from. Comeback Kid contains more drama and less melodramatic action like its cousin, Lord of Columbia. Whereas Lord of Columbia is suspenseful, Comeback Kid is attached to realism.

So, what am I getting to when I claim both hold true to My Freedom Flame’s mission?


It’s easy.


Lord of Columbia preaches liberty, true liberty through and through, while Comeback Kid speaks of self-reliance and responsibility for one’s own actions. Whereas Lord of Columbia has a booklist of influences, mainly political, but fantastical as well, Comeback Kid is nothing more than a ‘what-if’ scenario that walked into my head one day.

Some ask me which series I like more, and many think Lord of Columbia because I’ve spent much more time on getting it down pat. While it’s true Lord of Columbia receives more time and Comeback Kid is in its early drafts, it’s because Lord of Columbia has much more complex storylines while Comeback Kid isn’t plot hole prone.

Lord of Columbia, the whole trilogy, has taken ages to write due to its complexity from the characters to the storyline itself. Comeback Kid is simpler. Both are fun to write (I wrote an original draft of Comeback Kid a while back, but found the writing was abysmal), but Comeback Kid will serve as my ‘break’ from the complex systems Lord of Columbia offers.

In other words, Lord of Columbia is my weekday, Comeback Kid is my weekend.
Yet, the messages of liberty, self-reliance, willpower, and never-say-die attitudes burn deep in each. The messages are similar, despite one leaning toward the micro-level and the other on the macro-level, but the stories are unique.

Different audiences will cater to each. Lord of Columbia will have a narrower audience early on, as it targets pro-liberty and contemporary fantasy advocates while Comeback Kid is a good fit for anyone who loves say, The Traveler’s Gift.

Those who like complex magical systems, a little old-school pre-Christian religion, some sci-fi and modern fantasy will dig Lord of Columbia. For someone looking for a more traditional work where inspiration is the name of the game, Comeback Kid will suit their needs.

Whatever your interests, either Lord of Columbia (the big scope), or Comeback Kid (the small scope) might just suit your needs and motivate you back to the principles of liberty, self-reliance, independence, and the desire to pursue anything you find important.