Opinion: The Greatest News for Libertarians?

European Union Should Cut Ties with and Sanction the US

First, a word to the rock-solid conservative nationalist: Donald Trump is doing a worse job than Barack Obama as President.

Trump’s biggest blunder, other than using his little alliance with his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to speak a false claim that all Americans stand with Israel regarding the US embassy relocating to East Jerusalem, was pulling out of the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal.

The deal said, in simplest terms, that US-backed sanctions of Iran would be rescinded if Iran curtailed its uranium enrichment. You can click here for a more in-depth look at what Iran agreed to.

Now, Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Netanyahu falsely accused Iran of lying about the deal with something like 10,000 pages of evidence “proving” Iran’s guilt. However, as we all know by now, Netanyahu has lied about Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon, let alone use one, since 1992. It was also Netanyahu lying about Saddam Hussein and Iraq possessing hidden weapons of mass destruction, which we now know was also a lie.

But, someone had great relations with Iran, and that someone was the European Union, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron urged Trump to stay within the agreement. But, Trump, whose son-in-law is a close friend of Netanyahu’s, decided to bow at the altar of Netanyahu, which his supporters praised.

We need to remember a strong base of Trump supporters are evangelists who are urging Trump to continue to bow to Netanyahu’s altar as they believe doing so will fulfill biblical prophecy and bring about the return of Christ, who promised in the New Testament of the Bible to create a New Israel for his people.

Too bad Christ, or God for that matter (I’m Pagan, so my deity definition is a little different, but for all intents and purposes of this article, I’ll talk about Christ) are the creators of the universe in the Christian faith and likely won’t need any help from mortal men to fulfill an ancient prophecy which has been revised several times since the third century.

Now, the European Union and Iran have had generally good trade relations since the signing of the nuclear agreement back in 2015, where this article can provide even more insight to many of America’s closest allies trading with a nation whose only crime in the last two-hundred years has been its location (note the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran was retaliation against a US-led coup twenty-six years prior).

The European Union’s reaction to Trump pulling out of the agreement was shock and anger, guaranteeing Iran they will continue to work with them with or without America’s support.

America has become the policemen of the world, with bases in over 130 countries, per Ron Paul’s claims. Donald Trump has also initiated trade wars with the European Union, pulled out of the Paris Accords, and is now on a collision course with Europe.

Nothing good is going to come out of this, and knowing Trump’s rhetoric and neoconservative cabinet, tripled with locations of US bases in Europe, means a stage for conflict may be on the horizon.

The US can, at any time, call its troops to active duty, and the American Empire has not hesitated to do so in the past, as was the case in Jordan, where thousands of US troops were called into active duty outside the Golan Heights, a territory illegally occupied by Israel.

Would I put it past Donald Trump to turn his back on the European Union? As this video points out, Trump is indebted into the deep pockets of the Rothschild Family, as Rothschild Inc. bailed him out in the late 80’s after the real estate market collapsed. Trump isn’t only in deep pockets with the Rothschilds, but also with Ben Netanyahu, and appears to be doing his bidding.

If Trump and Netanyahu can’t talk the European Union out of the Iranian Nuclear Deal, it wouldn’t surprise me if military action is conducted on our current European allies. To justify my claim, several sources are stating the end of the US Dollar as a reserve currency is near. We already know countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria, Russia, and Iran have lost faith in the dollar.

Is it any coincidence the US just happens to either have bad relations with these nations or has either overthrown or supports overthrowing of these governments?

Now, Europe is in good hands with Iran, and the US is in deteriorating terms with Europe in all things trade.

What if, just what if, the Euro becomes the reserve currency in trade?

With America’s bases scattered about the world, many in Europe, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the European Union go in the same way as Russia and Iran in terms of relations. With Donald Trump’s warmongering cabinet, and the most evil, notorious torturer acting as CIA Director, America has gone in the same direction as the Empire had in Star Wars, which by the way, is an allegory of America sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

Guys, American intervention isn’t about freedom. These people dying overseas in the Middle East has nothing to do with fighting for your freedom or serving and protecting America; it has to do with upholding the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world, forcing other countries to do the same.

If I were the European Union, I’d ally with Russia, Iran, and the likes. The best thing for America, true American patriots and not ethnocentric American nationalists who believe it’s our duty to invade and hold bases in these nations (imagine if the roles were reversed), is an imperial collapse.

Hopefully, the European Union, Russia, and Iran can force America into submission and treating nations with diplomacy, to no longer threaten other nations with war. America has zero right to police other nations, threaten them into abiding by their ways at gunpoint, and forcing them to use a dying fiat currency.

America isn’t the champion of freedom. It can be, but it isn’t. Instead, America is no different than the evil Empire our Founding Fathers went out of their way to break away from, doing the exact same thing to other nations as England did to it.


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