How to Unite your Passions

My Freedom Flame is all about pursuing passion, but also executing passion, which explains sharing my political research. Pursuing passion is one thing, but we must have the willpower to execute, and Lord of Columbia, my debut trilogy, is a prime example.


Uniting the Passions

So, I have fitness, writing, and the principles of liberty as my primary passions, which all meet in Lord of Columbia. My main character begins as a fitness and self-obsessed individual. In fact, my elevator pitch for the debut novel, Northern Knights, is ‘An arrogant collegiate athlete inadvertently begins a colonial uprising.’

My main, whose name will be unveiled at a later date, is one of those athletes who draws negative stereotypes before the events of the series begin, but it’s a stark reminder of myself back in my younger days (okay, maybe a few years back).

He’s one of those guys who goes to class, so he can remain academically eligible for sports, thinks of his next workout more than he does hanging with his friends, and is always looking to pick fights on the field. If I had to compare him to an NFL player, or best yet an NFL rookie, his on and off-field personality would resemble Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Okay, so my second passion is writing, which has been a passion longer than fitness but between 2005 and 2015, took a backseat to fitness, and ditto for politics. But in late 2014, I made a New Year’s Resolution (they do work, sometimes) for 2015 that I was going to reinsert writing back into my life and worry not what others thought, especially since my favorite genre is contemporary fantasy, as it’s always been fun to imagine having ability in a modern society.

While I started Lord of Columbia back in 2010 when I was nineteen, my writing was so sporadic and discouraging. I’d write, get stuck, erase all my text, and start again. This happened until 2012-2013, with a different beginning each time, but after a few chapters, the dreaded “Marathon of the Middle” began and I’d revert back to blank text.

Finally, it took a New Year’s Resolution and complete curiosity to see what happens in this work. One trick I utilized, while keeping the book original, was basing it off several influences of book series, movies, and TV shows I loved as a kid. Without further ado, here’s a nice list of my many influences:

1) Harry Potter: If one reads Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights closely, they’re going to find a few Harry Potter elements. One book I very, very loosely based the plot off of was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Now, as stated earlier, the series does take on a path of its own, but to have a basis to draw from provided a huge help.

2) Star Wars: Again, another plot to draw from. Star Wars is based off a few elements that fascinate me, one of which is a consensus among all Star Wars fans: the lightsaber, but I got more than my own version of a magic sword. Star Wars is also based off the Hero’s Journey and, though it’s little known, modern-day US foreign policy.

3) Avatar: The Last Airbender: Element-bending is big in Lord of Columbia, and it’s one of the many abilities, as I call it in the text, characters in the book contain. Though there are four elements (air, water, earth, fire) in Avatar, I expanded the scope and included wood, metal, blood, and spirit.

4) Remember the Titans: As a sports enthusiast, I had to create a sports atmosphere. My main and his band of brothers and sisters are respected athletes, though the main is the one with the negative stereotype. There is a nice, little subplot containing sports, and it intertwines well with the main plot, as many contribute as main characters.

5) The Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers rivalry: Oh, this had to be put into it, and I couldn’t think of a better way than flipping off my Steeler fan friends better than demonizing the colors black and yellow, which people bleed if you live in the Ohio Valley.


And finally, libertarian politics is a third passion. With any issue in America, I don’t side with conservatives nor liberals. Instead, I ask myself what America’s Founders would’ve done in any given situation. So, after studying political ideologies, and at one time or another I’ve identified with the following:

1) 2009-2010: Democratic Socialist (yep, I was)

2) 2011-2012: Conservative Libertarian (I practically became a Republican but held a non-aggression foreign policy view).

3) 2013-2015: Still Conservative Libertarian, but strongly considering identifying as a Republican (I criticized many of Barack Obama’s stances, and so many misidentified me as a Republican I almost believed it.

4) 2016-Present: Hardcore Libertarian: These days, George Soros is a Rothschild front-man, the globalist deep state exists, taxation is theft, ditto for traffic laws, cops initiate conflict whereas conflict is otherwise avoidable, the Fed is killing the dollar, and Donald Trump’s foreign policy benefits Rothschild Inc.



Our passions, especially if we’re writers, can and will be united. We just need to find a way to unite all our passions. For me, writing is a perfect way to talk about fitness, but more importantly my political views. Pursuing my passion involves hours of perfecting my writing and honing my research habits. For now on, I identify, before anything, as a writer. I’m a trainer by trade, but a writer by life.