America Isn’t a Champion of Freedom, but it Can Be

I’ve said before Lord of Columbia is an allegory regarding Constitutional America versus America the Empire. America the Empire is what we see today, with military bases in over one hundred and fifty countries and, if one looks at a map of our military bases, about fifty of these are surrounding Iran, and still others are in North Korea’s backyard.
It’s no secret Iran and North Korea looked to develop nuclear arms, but for George Bush to include North Korea, Iran, and at the time Iraq, into the ‘Axis of Evil,’ we need to step back and remember who’s invading who.

Imagine for a minute if America kept its bases where they belong, and Iran was the world’s sole superpower with nuclear weapons and telling every country how they should conduct business at gunpoint, as America does.

Worse yet, what if Iran’s leaders had a long, dark history with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, while looking to go to war with any nation they have interest in.


Remember, Lord Jacob Rothschild and neocon Dick Cheney are on the Board of Advisors for Genie Oil, an Israeli company based in New Jersey. Recall my article where the Rothschild’s front man, James Crosby, bailed out Donald Trump in the 1980’s and another front man, Wilbur Ross, became Secretary of Commerce under Trump.

Well, Lord of Columbia is just this; Columbia is one of the oldest personifications of the United States of America, and she can be found via, which inspired me to call my main land in the trilogy Columbia.

But, there is a deeper message than Columbia being a reference to America. Columbia, in my contemporary fantasy trilogy, has been under attack for decades. The peoples’ civil rights have vanquished, they’re forcibly conscripted into the Southpoint (reference to America, the Empire reaching its southernmost point), military and shipped overseas to die in battle, stating it’s the “patriotic” thing to do.

Southpoint’s King (it is fantasy, folks!) a reference to the President of the United States (not necessarily a single President, but an amalgam of many), continually coerces people throughout the empire they must go to war and colonize in several nations for the sake of national security, a mask for pursuing national interests for Southpoint businessmen and their allies (one of which is a reference to the Rothschilds).

Many throughout the empire are duped into believing (as we see in America) that it’s patriotic to support needless wars for the sake of “spreading liberty,” only, as we’ve seen throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now in Palestine (lots of US-backed Israeli terrorist activity going on here).

However, Columbia is different, but their people are scared to speak up. This changes (elevator pitch) when an ignorant college athlete sees the harsh treatment of the Columbians and decides enough is enough. It’s a new-age tale of the classic Hero’s Journey, with elements of contemporary fantasy complete with some Orwellian dystopia.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Libertarian politics, the principles of liberty, the American Revolution, and noninterventionism, this is a trilogy for you.

On the flip side, if you’re pro-interventionist and fall for the “humanitarian lie,” are pro-Zionist (this is NOT anti-Semitism), are a strong Democrat, strong Republican, believe American Exceptionalism means it’s America’s duty to tell the world how to live, and falsely believe in the lie those in the Middle East and around the world hate us for our “freedom,” this series isn’t for you. Or, you can read it, but it’ll likely irk you.

Anyway, if you love liberty and realize what we have in America today isn’t real liberty, I urge you to pick up a copy (or just download the e-file) when it comes out September 11th, 2018, a day we call Patriot Day, but also a day used as a pretext for the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) for America to invade the world.