Why Writing is my Ultimate Passion, Which Might Lead to Speaking to Stop the Most Notorious Organized Crime Scheme the World has Ever Seen

Okay, so how did I spend much of my downtime on Thursday?

I spent my time watching this video and tomorrow I’ll be researching a few articles, more videos, and photos to help uncover a scheme involving former Presidential candidate John McCain, George Soros, the Rothschilds, and Russian businessman, Oleg Deripaska involving a little country in southeast Europe called Montenegro.

More on that tomorrow.

Today, I want to talk to you all about the significance in pursuing passion, because what we want to do must be so important to us we’re willing to die for it. In life, we all serve a purpose, and as I’ve said before, the purpose isn’t sitting in an office all day slaving to make someone else’s dreams come true.

Far from it.

Pursuing passion must be something that serves a purpose. It must be a message you’re willing to spread. Passion must be something that we might not survive long enough to see through to the end.

My upcoming trilogy, Lord of Columbia (called Age of Columbia in the link), is a nice allegory touching up on global affairs of today and yesterday, yesterday meaning years in the past, but also issues we face today. And I’m not shy in letting the Rothschilds know I’m referring to them in many instances. Ditto for Soros and the rest of the globalists.



Entertainment is Danger

Nothing is more dangerous than thwarting one from pursuing passion than entertainment. The TV, music, and sports industry have us by the hair, and while I love my TV, music, and sports, I love research and writing more and I’m on pace to sell my work to a vast audience for a fraction of which this same audience, myself included, are being sold like a stock by politicians like McCain to the globalists.

Yet, this is the basis of entertainment. Look, I’m not about to turn off my sports or stop listening to my music, but I’m going to pursue what might kill me at all costs, because what I talk about are what very few know or want to know. No one wants to know about the globalists taking over the world because let’s be honest, it’s a scary thought.


However, unfortunate truths might be put forth under disguise of comforting lies, but everyone believing in a lie doesn’t make a truth.

Entertainment provides plenty of lies that everything is okay, and our lives aren’t changing.



About Our Lives

My life and your life are affected by what goes on in Washington. For each printed dollar, purchasing power decreases. Each new law passed is an invasion to our privacy, and each fearmongering tool provides justification for invasion of privacy, a la, Patriot Act.

Again, what drives me to research and writing is an assault on our civil liberties. Even private property is under fire, as we’re taxed by the government at gunpoint on property taxes long after we pay off our property. Some states even tax personal property. The higher taxes and more money in circulation can cripple your purchasing power with money you earned.




To me, writing is my way of giving to the world. Our passions must give something beneficial to the world, but in beneficial, I mean something which will help awaken and enlighten others. If your passion letting people in on the unfortunate truths happening in many parts of the world, either through writing, broadcasting, or even painting or photography, you’re doing something worthwhile. Public speaking is another avenue one can take by hosting seminars.

Our passions must be related in fighting the globalist agenda set forth by the world’s richest people, who own our central banks and our money to fuel their own interests. For every Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Soros, there is a Robin Hood who goes out of their way to unveil the truth regarding many, many issues.