Opinion: The US Dollar is Collapsing

How the Warfare-Welfare State is Killing America

Taking the US Dollar off the gold standard has been the worst move our government has made in the last one hundred years. Doing so has allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to print money out of thin air to fund a warfare-welfare state and has accrued over 21 trillion dollars in national debt, more than the next three countries (United Kingdom, France, and Germany) combined.

In contrary to the rising debt, the Trump administration has fueled debt even further due to increased US interventionism in the Middle East, most notably Syria, and African nations, totaling over one-thousand military bases worldwide.

In other words, America is spending more than it can afford and they’re not spending it at home. The United States spends more in the military than the next ten biggest spenders combined. Furthermore, the United States ranks fifth in the world in social welfare spending, a percentage which has been increasing by the decade at an alarming rate.



What Can Be Done?

The gap between rich and poor continues to expand in America, and it’s not due to the free-market capitalists we’re conditioned to believe in. Instead, it’s due to the destruction of the US Dollar to fund a warfare-welfare state both at home and abroad under the cognitively conditioned guise of “humanitarianism.”

What is my definition of helping other nations via humanitarianism?

What about free trade, solving disputes diplomatically, and stop policing the world where war and destruction follows, as has been done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria, with Iran likely on the chopping block.



The Mistakes?

Going to war, creating conflict, as America and the Trump administration has demonstrated in East Jerusalem is not helping matters in the Middle East. Donald Trump’s rhetoric of “taking back the oil,” which isn’t even America’s to begin with, is one of the underlying roots of animosity those in the Middle East have toward the United States.

The America First ideology of the Trump administration has furthered conflict with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran, while giving Israel the free will to do whatever it wants to its Palestinian neighbors.

Just yesterday, the United States stood alone against fourteen other neighbors in vetoing an act which would condemn Israel for its genocide of unarmed Palestinian protesters, which have killed an eight-month old infant with tear gas, followed by an image of a fifteen-year-old Palestinian girl lying dead after being shot in the head by an Israeli sniper.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and while US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, and Israeli activist Ayelet Shaked state all they want of placing the blame on Palestinian political party Hamas of Israel’s actions by condemning Hamas as a terrorist organization, those paying attention to the real story of the opening of the US embassy in East Jerusalem, traditional Palestinian land, realize it’s Israel committing acts of terrorism on the Palestinian people. This is happening while Donald Trump and the United States, the so-called proponents and upholders of peace, justifying Israel’s actions as “collateral damage.”



How This Relates to the Dollar

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of a new conflict spearheaded by Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu and President Donald Trump. Trump’s unilateral approach of placing the US embassy in East Jerusalem has sparked unrest throughout the world, and Israel’s actions receiving condemnation in the world in countries not named America.

This will come with a price to the American people, as further military spending will be in the foreseeable future, a bill which will be picked up by future generations.
How will the US find the funds?

They will tax, borrow, or just create more money out of thin air, furthering the devaluation of the US Dollar both at home and abroad, as prices and the cost of living continues to rise while countries like Russia, China, and Iran continue to lose faith in the US Dollar and are turning to the Euro for the time being as means of trade.

Notice how this ties in with the warfare-welfare state, as these just happen to be three countries the US is having increasingly strained relationships with.



Why it Matters

We need to realize how all this comes into play and affects your life. Many believe what is going on halfway across the world doesn’t affect our lives. Well, it does, and it begins with your paycheck, your tax dollars, and your decrease in purchasing power with every single dollar created by the Federal Reserve Bank.


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