Case Against the US Embassy in East Jerusalem, Another Example of America’s Failed Foreign Policy

Why Trump’s Moving of US Embassy to East Jerusalem was a Political Stunt Which Doesn’t Work in Favor for the Palestinians

As I’ve stated before, I love to touch up on sensitive issues and this relates to pursuing passion simply because it shows one needs fearlessness when touching up on lies told by America’s mass media regarding certain issues. As a writer who gravitates toward sensitive topics in which one side is portrayed as heroes in the media and the others villainous, it’s time to give the other side of the argument a fair shake, and you may be surprised.

I’ve also accepted the fact I’ll be met with more negativity than positivity regarding my foreign policy stances but rest assured, just because much of the population believes in one argument in no way, shape, or form makes said arguments correct. America’s entire population can believe in a lie and it still doesn’t make a lie true.

One such case is Donald Trump’s political stunt in recognizing East Jerusalem is Israeli territory and moving the US embassy there. So, yesterday, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, also a close, personal friend of Ben Netanyahu (who I’ve written about in the past) praised the opening of the US embassy in East Jerusalem. TV broadcasts carried a split screen, showing reactions of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza, many of which were women and children.

However, mainstream media in America cites these protesters being part of an organization called Hamas and they were using women and children as props as Israelis rained gunfire upon them, and if you see a massive, gaping hole in this story, it’s likely where Israelis fired upon unarmed women and children.

If Hamas were using unarmed women and children as human shields, I’m quite sure the Israelis wouldn’t have fired on them, especially if, per Ron Paul Liberty Report, 1,300 Palestinians were shot with live, exploding bullets, an act justified by US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, claiming what I’ve written above, essentially blaming these shots into the heads of Palestinian women and children on Hamas.

Guys, it’s time we’ve broken this issue down and sought the truth, for there is truth in every lie, and also there’s a saying that goes, One Man’s Freedom Fighter is Another Man’s Terrorist. Something else I’d love to point to is while I state Lord of Columbia, my upcoming fantasy trilogy, is an allegory of the US Republic versus the US Empire, it can also be used as an allegory to Israel and Palestine. Spoiler alert, I stand with Palestine.



The Truth Regarding East Jerusalem

While I touched up on this on Sunday, the link which can be provided here, I want to reconfirm East Jerusalem was never Israeli territory; it had been seized from Jordan in 1967 when Israel also seized Syria’s oil-rich Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. In fact, the world recognizes East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital, so you can’t blame the Palestinians for being angered at Trump and the West.

Why did Trump declare East Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

As mentioned prior, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is good, personal friends with Ben Netanyahu, which naturally morphs into a connection between Netanyahu and Trump. Recall my article involving Trump, the Rothschilds, and Genie Oil, the link which can be found here, for further information on this involvement.

It’s also worth noting both Donald Trump and Jared Kushner were indeed Democrats until they found the pathway to power would be easier via the Republican Party, as the White House had changed hands with every other election since 1993, and the Republicans were up to bat.

This is sad news for the Christian evangelists, many of whom are Republican, and Trump’s neoconservative cabinet. I won’t even share Trump’s former condemnation of Middle East intervention. A simple Google search should do the trick.



Ayelet Shaked

A name I really want to bring up is Ayelet Shaked. Shaked is a typical Zionist who leads the way in intimidating, harassing, and censoring those who speak out against Israel in any form. Since 2013, Shaked has been the Minister of Justice in Israel and has been instrumental in hushing all critics to Israel.

Shaked is a supposed activist for peace in the region, however, let me describe a few quotes from Shaked that’s made her an enemy to Palestine, and rightfully so. I’ll link one of many articles for you to read, but guys, this is all over the internet.

Shaked called for mass genocide of the Palestinian people.

She’s been quoted as saying, “They have to die, and their houses should be demolished,” in addressing action toward the Palestinians.

“They are all enemy combatants, and their blood shall be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead, send them to hell with flowers and kisses.”

Does this sound like a peace activist to you? Guys, this woman is as psychotic as Gina Haspel.

Want the bombshell?

In 2012, when asked on an Israeli television show, if she hoped her husband, an Israeli fighter pilot, would be “pounding Palestinians with bombs,” she laughed and answered, “yes.”

This isn’t a peace advocate. This is an evil woman intent on hushing and censoring others for the sake of spreading her own agenda, justifying extermination of the Palestinians.



Palestinian Blood on Israeli Hands

The death toll in Gaza has reached fifty-two, with more than two-thousand other Palestinians wounded by Israeli snipers. These people are guilty of nothing more than protesting their home being seized by Israel, who is aided by the world’s most notorious empire, the United States of America.

Here’s a little list of what’s happened so far:

Israeli police have assaulted Arabs protesting, including members of Israel’s own Parliament, as Blackstone Intelligence points. We also have Palestinian civilians trapped behind Israeli fences like prisoners. Again, guilty of nothing more than protesting an invading, supposedly peaceful force like the US for placing an embassy in East Jerusalem.

Further points are as follows: As mentioned earlier, the Israeli military have been shooting Palestinian women and children in the head for standing in fields. Israel has carried out airstrikes over Gaza, hitting both reporters and protesters. Again, these aren’t terrorists Israel is fighting, they’re protesters.




Donald Trump falsely claims moving the US embassy to East Jerusalem will bring peace to the region. When the US embassy opened, the statistics speak for themselves. This isn’t bringing peace. Israel has bombed Gaza, killed and wounded hundreds, and abroad, are silencing critics. In evangelist South Carolina, their Congress is working on an unconstitutional bill that will fine anyone who speaks out against Israel.

Turkey and South Africa have voiced their displeasure for Trump’s controversial move by expelling Israeli ambassadors, and perhaps other countries will follow suit. Trump’s move does nothing for the sake of America’s national security, nor does it benefit Americans. If anything, it’s going to increase hostility with Iran, especially after Trump unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear agreement last week.

This means more animosity from the Middle East toward the US, and its increasingly failing foreign policy which has ravaged Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now, potentially Gaza, and later, Iran. Trump’s presidency has been a disgusting act of satisfying the neoconservatives in office, those with ties to Genie Oil, the deep state, and weapons manufacturers.

On a final note, I always want to let people know I’m not anti-Jewish, nor am I anti-Semantic, as they’re completely different than being anti-Zionist. Zionism is Jewish supremacy, as Nazism and other terrorist groups home and abroad are akin to white supremacy. I’m anti-supremacy, and pro peace.

And so far, Donald Trump has reneged on everything he has tweeted about over the last several years regarding foreign policy.

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