Truth Behind Jerusalem

Debunking Ben Netanyahu’s Claim of Jerusalem Being the Jewish Peoples’ Capital for 3,000 Years

Ben Netanyahu claims Israel has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years has caused many Christian Zionists to jump on the pro-Israel bandwagon, citing this land was given to them by God.

Well, their first mistake was thinking everyone believed in the same god, which is common in many Christian sectors. Again, like I stated in my last article, I’m not stereotyping the religion, but am pointing out claims from my observations in the Steubenville-Weirton-Pittsburgh area, so bear with me if, and many of you aren’t, Christian Zionists.

In fact, even I’ll claim to look at the Christian Bible as a history book, not necessarily a means for one to live their lives, as there are forty-five books in the Christian Bible which have been either edited or taken out completely, beginning during Constantine’s reign.

So, I’ll be citing the Bible a lot in this text, but again it’s in a historic sense, and not in a religious sense, so again, bear with me.



History of the Jewish People

Okay, so let’s begin at 1,800 BC, where Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. Each had twelve sons, and Jacob, son of Isaac, became known to God as Israel. Israel had twelve sons, which became the twelve tribes of Israel, and they ended up in Egypt.

Now, many of us who grew up in the Christian church know the story of how Moses led Israelites for forty years and they ended up in either the Sinai Peninsula or Arab Coast, whichever evidence archaeologists want to point to.

After the death of Moses came Joshua, who led Israel into Canaan and conquered the Canaanites. Now, the prophets of the time stated Israel’s only King is God and shall have no mortal King. However, Israel demanded to have a King like all the other nations.
King Saul from the Tribe of Benjamin, was chosen between 1050 and 1030 BC, followed by King David, followed by King Solomon.

In 930 BC, Civil War broke out and Israel ceased to exist. This war lasted from 100 to 120 years and two separate nations emerged: Samaria to the north, consisting of ten tribes, and Judah to the south, consisting of two tribes, whereas Jerusalem was the capital.

The Assyrian empire invaded Samaria in 720 BC and the Samarians were sold as slaves, who become the ten lost tribes.

Later, Babylon destroys Judah in 589 BC and a man named Nebuchadnezzar reigned over the Jewish people. Nebuchadnezzar took the Jewish people to what is now modern-day Iraq, and later, Persia conquered Babylon. Babylon allowed a remnant of the Jewish people to return to their native land, only to find other nations had moved in.

So, at this point, the Jewish people were not the only ones in Jerusalem and they were restricted from establishing their nation. At this point, Jerusalem is not the capital of the Jewish people. In fact, there had been no capital since 930 BC when Israel split, as the Samarians didn’t recognize Jerusalem.

The land fell to the Greeks and later to the Romans. In 70 AD, the Jewish people were defeated by Rome and had been expelled from the land until the twentieth century.



Why I’m Pro-Palestinian

It was Palestine, not Israel, who had lived in the land for thousands of years.
Who are the Palestinians?

Remember, Ishmael, the other son of Abraham?

The Palestinians descended from Ishmael, who descended from Abraham. It’s also worth noting very, very few Jews living in the region today are descended from Abraham. However, the Palestinians can trace their lineage straight back to the land, being descendants of Ishmael.

It’s also important to note, and this is a little-known fact. You’ll be surprised of how few people realize Palestinians, though Arab, are also made up of Christians. Over 285,000 Palestinians are Christian and again, this is overlooked by Christian Zionists, who falsely believe Palestine is purely Islam. These people also believe the lie that Jerusalem is the historical capital of Israel.

Instead, these are converted Jews who converted to Judaism to avoid the death sentences handed out by Muslim conquerors. They’re not blood relatives of Jacob, and they have zero right to Jerusalem. These people believing Israel is their land today are propagandists using Jerusalem as a tool to garner support from Christians.



Turn of the Twentieth Century to Today

Here’s where things start to get real. There’s a name I’ve been swinging around lately, that name being Rothschild. Let’s fast-forward to 1917, where the Balfour Declaration was passed by the British government, guaranteeing the Jewish people a homeland in the State of Palestine, which was then under control of the Ottoman Empire.

So, from 1917, the Rothschilds, whom also have a huge interest in Syria’s Golan Heights and are on the advisory board for Genie Oil, whom Netanyahu has already given permission to dig in the Golan Heights, sought a homeland for the Jewish people at the expense of others living in the region as early as 1917. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you’ll realize the significance of the Big Lie here.

In short, the Balfour Declaration gave the Rothschilds the land for the Jewish people, and again, many of these people are not descendants of the original twelve tribes of Israel. These are Zionists, who believe in Jewish supremacy and as I’ve stated in the past, it’s not anti-Semitism in the slightest. Guys, I’m not anti-Semantic, I’m not even anti-Jewish. I’m anti-Zionist, just as I’m anti any supremacist group. I’m anti-Black Panther, and I’m anti-Neo Nazi. All racial and religious supremacy groups are an enemy of peace in my eyes. One could call me anti-supremacist.

Anyway, now that I’ve cleared up my leanings, let’s get back to the story at hand, but I hope you all see how this is coming together. There’s more to this story.

When Israel was declared its own nation in 1948, Tel Aviv was recognized by the United Nations as its capital, not Jerusalem. The fact that Tel Aviv was the capital is the final nail in the coffin that Jerusalem was not the capital of the Jewish people for three-thousand years. This is a lie.

In fact, East Jerusalem belonged to Jordan, and West Jerusalem belonged to Israel. East Jerusalem did come under Israeli influence in 1967 when it was seized from Jordan.


Israel also seized the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and the Golan Heights from Syria, which is still in Israeli hands to this day. Also note, for those reading my articles for the first time, the Golan Heights is the oil-rich region of Syria illegally occupied by Israel and again, is where Genie Oil has permission to drill from Netanyahu.

Today, Donald Trump recognizes East Jerusalem as being part of Israel and it’s also worth noting as I’ve noted in several articles, that the US has recently called 44,000 troops into duty at the Jordan border.

This is going to cause bloodshed and further animosity in the Middle East toward the United States. Trump is the first President in US history to recognize East Jerusalem as part of Israel and push to build the US embassy. Guys, this screams war. If this embassy is attacked (and while I don’t sympathize with violence, I do see the reason here), I wouldn’t be surprised. This, right here, is why there is so much animosity toward the United States in the Middle East and Donald Trump, like his predecessors but to a much greater extent, I fear, is going to heighten this to no avail.




Trump intends to crush Iran, which is why this entire article is important to understand. It’s important to understand the history behind the region before pointing fingers at a nation which hasn’t intervened in anyone uninvited in two-hundred years.

And if Trump supporters and the neocons in America believe this is essential to national security, they’re sadly mistaken. Iran intended to build a nuclear defense system to defend itself. It’s an innocent bystander in American and Israeli imperialism and is surrounded by American bases. If anyone’s national security is threatened, it’s Iran’s, not America’s.

What’s more disgusting about Donald Trump’s actions?

He’s using your tax dollars and my tax dollars to fund these operations, which only benefits oil companies and the ever-expansive military-industrial complex. All Donald Trump is doing is forwarding schemes by the Zionists and if anyone questions Zionism, they’re mistakenly labeled anti-Semantic, when in truth there is a huge difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

Donald Trump is bowing to Ben Netanyahu’s altar, and not only is he using tax dollars, he’s also printing money via the Federal Reserve Bank, decreasing your purchasing power and purchasing power of all nations who use the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world to conduct trade.

This is a conflict which will thrust the world into a massive depression, and it’s one built on lies. It has absolutely nothing to do with defending freedom here in the United States, what little freedoms we have left, by the way, and everything to do with carrying out Zionist missions and benefitting the elite few at the expanse of the world’s masses.

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