Talk About Sensitivity in A Politically Correct Environment

Bring Up and Write About Sensitive Topics

Some of what I have planned for The Truth Series I’ve been bouncing around My Freedom Flame are rather sensitive, but it’s necessary to talk about. When I first penned Lord of Columbia, much of what I write about in today’s world on my blog are themes I touch up on in Lord of Columbia.

Despite its status as contemporary, or in more cases, urban fantasy, much of the inspiration behind it is in our true world. Today, I want to talk about some elements in today’s world I’ve inserted into Lord of Columbia, just to give you all a better idea of the basis of my entire blog, which is pursuing passion.


Conflict, Conflict, Conflict

Okay, Lord of Columbia is going to be riddled with conflict, but such conflicts are those we see in today’s world. So, without further ado, here are a few spoilers I have for you all regarding some influences.

1) The CIA. This organization is riddled with unconstitutional spying on Americans, usurpation of basic liberties, torture without due process, secret experimentation, and much more. The enemy of our protagonists have a CIA-like approach.

2) Imperialism. America’s government is supposed to exist for one reason, to protect the liberties of its people. Unfortunately, it’s not happening, and instead our government exists to stage false flag attacks and has been caught, along with the CIA in the crosshairs of even planning false flag attacks on Americans.

3) Nineteen Eighty-Four society. The society exposed to our main character is reminiscent of Nineteen-Eighty-Four. Immediately, the reader is going to experience what life is like in a totalitarian police state.

4) Endless War. Just as the American government fails to protect the rights of citizens, it also lives to overthrow regimes of others. We can look no further than the 1953 Iranian coup. Many justify Trump’s current stance on Iran as an “enemy” of America due to the 1979 hostage crisis, but what he doesn’t tell you is their animosity toward the US is because of the 1953 coup when the CIA (again) installed a brutal regime along with British intel.

5) Our nation is divided among support for and opposition to police. I happen to be in the latter, because as a libertarian, the police force is a government monopoly, something I’m hardcore against in any field. Police corruption is real and that it’s illegal in America to roll it over into the private sector, police monopolies exist at every level of government.




As a writer who follows politics and global issues, writing about sensitive information has become the norm. Sure, it’s burned some bridges, but it’s also given me my own unique niche. It’s not going to impress everyone, but neither will Lord of Columbia. In fact, Lord of Columbia isn’t for everyone, but a target audience who preaches and believes in the principles of liberty.


Today, the American government has a higher prison population, spends more money on military spending than the next eight biggest spenders combined, and has become one of the most notorious surveillance states here at home and abroad.


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