How Pursuing Passion Will Set You Free

Whether I’m working out or writing, I’m free. I’m free from the bonds of suffering this world bestows upon us. I’m free. There are many people out there suffering, just suffering, because they have bills to pay, they’re not sure how they’re going to make ends meet, and they’re drowning in the pain of their self-made misery.

The last point I made is what separates you and me from the masses, but it’s our goal to get the masses onto our bandwagon.

What is our bandwagon?

It’s to free the masses of the false bondage they’ve brought upon themselves.
Look, when we pursue our passion, and more notably, when we make our passion our number one thing in life, meaning it’s more important than the job that pays our bills, we’re likely going to be, as Bon Jovi once put it, living on a prayer.

But also, as Bon Jovi stated, we’re halfway there.


Because we are halfway there.

Look, whether we’re Tommy or Gina isn’t relevant, what’s relevant is we’re living on a prayer because we have a passion to pursue. We have a point to get across, and we have people to influence, and it’s not going to be accomplished working on the docks or working the diner all day.

Especially when the union’s been on strike and our better half is bringing home our pay. Well, unless you happen to be single like me, then you’re really living on a prayer.

The only thing Bon Jovi didn’t get right is whether or not it matters if we make it or not, because it sure as heck matters when you make your passion, in the long run, your only option. Writing and selling Lord of Columbia is becoming my only option because I like to sneak in several edits during my workday. Hey, switching my completed and near-flawless (from a grammar-perspective) manuscript, Northern Knights, Book One in the Lord of Columbia series, to deep point-of-view in favor of shallow, takes a little while.



What Can We Learn from Tommy and Gina?

To be honest, we can learn a lot. Tommy holds his six-string in hock, now he’s holding in what he used to make it talk so tough. I love this line, because the way I interpret it is Tommy is reminiscing.

Obviously, Tommy dreams of being in a band and entertaining others. His passion is in his six-string guitar, and Gina, facing an uncertain future, strapped for cash with Tommy, is near her breaking-point.

But Tommy has reassurance.

Living on a Prayer is the ultimate motivational song out there. If there’s one song that tells you, the listener, to pursue passion, it’s Living on a Prayer.

Tommy and Gina are facing uncertain times. Man, Tommy is out of work and Gina has no idea what’s next, but she’s willing to give it a shot. Yet, she fears the worst is yet to come.

But Tommy is confident, despite his awful luck, he’s confident. He knows he can make it, but like I said before, the one line I’d cut is ‘it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not,’ and as the song states, is spoken by Gina.

No, it makes all the difference.


It’s My Life

Look, people who are worried about where their next meal is coming from are the ones who need to change. Sure, I decided to have a little fun with this post but at the same time it’s serious in nature. People drown in their own negativity.

Though Gina is uncertain, and at times just wants to run away from the situation, she’s willing to go all-in. Tommy is dreaming of going all in, assuring Gina it’ll pay off some day.

Tommy and Gina are mentioned in Bon Jovi’s song, It’s My Life, written thirteen years after Living on a Prayer. This is for the one who stood their ground. And Tommy and Gina, who never backed down. At the end of the verse, Bon Jovi states, ‘You gotta make your own breaks.

This is the message we need to relay.

It’s our life.

It’s now or never.

We ain’t gonna live forever.

We just wanna live while we’re alive.

Guys, it’s now, or never.

It’s now, or never.