Diving into our Deepest Memory Banks is the Key to Unlocking Passion and Purpose

Okay, what a weird Saturday it’s been. I was going to write another blog for my Truth category and talk to you all about the truth regarding Jerusalem, but as I ate dinner today I decided to take a walk down the memory banks unlock the truth on how I became passionate about writing.

Some of what I looked up were TV shows I used to watch, books I read, and even dived a little into the music I listened to as a kid growing up.

Each summer, I’ll have a number of flashbacks of summertime cookouts a couple decades ago (I’m twenty-seven), and the fun me and my entire extended family had. Memories of playing football and baseball in my cousin’s huge front yard and all day lounging in front of retro consoles like Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 are at the forefront.

Flash forward two decades and I look on what has changed, but it’s the basis to my passion for writing. In addition to Lord of Columbia, another series I have in the back of my mind (plus a couple completed rough drafts) is a series called Comeback Kid, which I plan to work on once the first Lord of Columbia trilogy is complete, hopefully sometime in 2019.



Comeback Kid

Anyway, Comeback Kid was my first and foremost original idea. Current world events and those in the near future have put Lord of Columbia at the top of my to-do list in the world of indie-publishing, but before I completed the first draft of Lord of Columbia, Comeback Kid had been finished and edited twice.

It was a series I thought of shopping to publishers until I came across Jerry Jenkins’ writers’ guild and after learning how to write (writing books is more than just words to a screen), I decided to revamp the whole thing and start over from scratch.

Of course, after researching publishers and finding the most freedom in indie-publishing, Comeback Kid will follow the same route as Lord of Columbia and become indie-published. Again, this is a long-term outlook that will take a while, since the first book in Lord of Columbia, Northern Knights, is slated to be launched in September.

Let me give you a fun fact regarding the two series’ before heading onto the main point of today’s post, and it’s a particular character created for Comeback Kid actually ended up in Lord of Columbia, initially as a minor extra and had since morphed into a key player.



Childhood Dreams

I’ve often talked about pursuing our passions lay in our childhood or at least in early middle school, before many of us get off-track and end up working in a field completely unrelated to what we wanted when we were young.

My mother said earlier today life ceases to become fun once one reaches a certain age. Upon asking her to elaborate, she responded, this is the way life is.

Let’s take a look at this statement for a moment, because it speaks a lot about today’s society, and something I saw every day during my time working at Riesbecks Foods. People are miserable. They’re miserable. Our parents are miserable, our co-workers are miserable, and people starting their job at these places are downright miserable.

What’s causing the misery?

I truly believe it’s deviating from childhood dreams.

Life isn’t meant to be a drag. But, people make it so. It’s a choice, and ninety to ninety-five percent of the population make the wrong choice. There are a multitude of reasons, like the “that’s the way it is” nonsense, having kids at a young age (again, it’s a choice), “I realized I’m no longer a kid,” “adulting,” “I need to make ends meet,” and I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

And what’s even more disgusting it’s our parents, our parents, telling us when we reach a certain age it’s okay to dream but if we don’t get started working our asses off right away in a field we don’t want to enter, we’re in for a rude awakening.

Is what you’re doing right now what you dreamed of doing as a child, because if not, you need to find a way out of said gig.



The Way Out

I’m here to motivate others, and there is a way out, as was tried and true on what I’ll call a micro-level back when I was at Riesbecks.

Back in 2012 when I was at Riesbecks and hating my produce job since I was making $7.85 an hour at the time doing more physical work than a contractor’s crew I knew I had to get out. Notice, I never joined the “fight for fifteen” ruse because I didn’t want to be a produce man my whole life.

Ironically, it was around this time when I first met the Pepsi Guy I love to refer to time and again, but it’s irrelevant to this tale, so I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, I dreamed in high school (but not grade or middle school) of being a personal trainer so when I was twenty-one I decided to pursue my passion (high school passion) of becoming a personal trainer and I succeeded.

I worked my ass off the entire summer. I’d study during my breaks, during my downtimes, when I was at home not working out, and covering the whole, entire book within a month in a course that usually took three to six months because it was how bad I wanted out of Riesbecks.

Man, I hope Riesbecks Corporate down in St. Clairsville don’t catch wind of this, ah, who am I kidding, who cares?

Anyway, moral to the story was I felt my value, even at age twenty-one was higher than $7.85 an hour so instead of complaining and asking for more money I decided to, and this is the beauty of the free market, take ownership and get the hell out of the freaking produce department at that godforsaken grocery store.

And now, though I’m still a personal trainer I feel I’m only halfway to my ultimate goal, one I always wanted, that I set for myself at a young age, that I started, stopped, sputtered, and stalled at numerous times and that was authoring a full-length novel and now the time is near, very near, for a childhood dream to be recognized.



That’s Great and All, But…

I know, I know, I know what you’re thinking. In the field of training and writing you have to sell yourself to make money.

Let me reiterate that: sell yourself to make money.

You’re the product, and many are scared senseless of selling themselves as their own product.

But, if you create the product (for my writing, it’s Lord of Columbia), shouldn’t you of all people believe in it?

Revenue, and wealth, is created. No one’s exploiting anyone and sometime this coming week, I plan to write an article on how the free-market is the real good guy hated by both government and corporations! Oh, the truth will blow your mind.

Sell yourself. Sell yourself. Sell yourself.

These are your dreams, and you’re worth too much to work hard for someone else so they can realize their dreams.

I don’t care about your compensation package, benefits, yada, yada, yada, it’s all a bribe for you to stay with your employer to prevent you from likely competing with them in the marketplace with perks from the government, and we’ll get more on that later, but, you are worth more than any type of bribery you’re exposed to in the workplace.

You’re too good to be bribed. You’re too creative to be bribed. You have a dream you need to realize, and no stupid bribe should keep you from reaching your dream.

Ant that’s all for today.