Seek the Truth, and a Following Will Come

Over the last few days I’ve shifted gears some and have given some rather off-the-wall yet true insights upon US intervention in the Middle East and how an Israeli-based oil company called Genie Oil is involved along with some big names like Dick Cheney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and others, the link to the article can be found here.

I always post articles with one of the primary cornerstones in mind regarding My Freedom Flame, which is to show others what it takes to pursue passion. As one can see by reading my article linked above, they’re not going to find what I wrote on mainstream news, or even on the majority of think-tanks. However, one reason I provided several links beyond the article was to give my readers an idea of what I pursue.

Okay, so how does my pursuit relate to you?

I want everyone to know it’s going to take thick skin in any field of any passion you decide to pursue. You’re going to need to put extensive research into your passion, create a product differing from others, and always having a reason behind the product to believe in it.



Lessons Learned

I point to my time in the fitness industry (which I’m still part of) as lessons learned in regarding these three cornerstones in what I’ll call a triangle of success.

First off, I needed extensive research into the field of personal training, so the first step for any personal trainer is to get certified. However, there are several certifications to choose from and most gyms only accept nationally recognized ones and for good reason.

The second lesson is to always sell a unique product. At Anytime Fitness, we competed with the lower-cost Planet Fitness and this was during my time in Weirton, which is a lower end area in terms of income. So, we had to differentiate ourselves.

What separated Anytime from Planet?

1) We’re a private club, so the crowds are a lot lower.

2) Only those eighteen or older have club access.

3) Every member has 24/7 access to every location worldwide.

But I can go further.

At Anytime we offered lifestyle change training packages, rather than basic training one would get at Planet. We’d offer individualized, small group, and team training layers, with the former two being tailored toward the client. We offered nutritional guidance and body fat composition.

In other words, Planet’s free training consisted of a circuit program and cookie-cutter classes. Even our team training at Anytime was based off a legitimate program called Alloy, which gave us trainers the luxury of using a technique called undulating periodization, trainer jargon for the workouts change weekly and in more ways than one.

The third and final cornerstone is having a reason behind your product. Again, at Anytime the reason was the client would be far better off signing up for a year of training and nutritional guidance. This would lead to a complete lifestyle change and give the prospective client a whole new outlook on life. Therefore, if I couldn’t make the training sale, or if I didn’t try to make the sale, I was sealing a client’s death sentence in the form of a chronic and debilitating illness.




Okay, so for those reading my article today, I want you all to put on your thinking caps, as they’ve told you in state-run political prisons called school and think of my three cornerstones. Choose what you love and research every single aspect of it. Again, for my recent articles without extensive research sharing them never would’ve been possible because since it’s not in mainstream, it’s a harder truth to believe (thank you, Blackstone Intelligence).

Once you’ve conducted research on the subject and found a niche you love, I advise you to think of what separates your product from the others. For myself, what separates My Freedom Flame from other websites that preach truth and individualism? Well, I encourage others to embark on their own path regardless of how it sounds to the masses and many of my articles such as this one will provide a little blueprint as to what you can do to pursue your passion.

And finally, why are you pursuing this. What is your reason for pursuing your passion? For me, it’s to expose the truth to all of you. Sure, I want you to pursue your passion but I also want others to realize at the same time how much truth there is in the world today that isn’t covered by mainstream media moguls (oh, by the way, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News is on the Board of Advisors for Genie Oil).

So, make your product unique and blow the minds of your audience.