Why Vulnerability is the Key to Pursuing Passion

As a writer the hardest, roughest, toughest thing to do is talk about the misfortunes of your past. By far, the toughest thing to do is bring up things which make you uncomfortable and what you may want to keep under the wraps.

People wear masks, and they wear them daily. We see on social media each day of people displaying their greatest successes, having fun, and living virtually a perfect life when everything is in fact imperfect which is why I tend to use Facebook as a tool to bring up issues that most people won’t talk about concerning entities like the deep state, the fact American soldiers aren’t in the Middle East fighting for our freedom, and that terrorists don’t really attack us because they hate our freedom (what freedoms? A kid can’t even open a lemonade stand in America without a license) when the real reason is they hate us because we’re in their territory for our own interests.

Right, so if you’re still reading this and haven’t already painted a bias believing me to be an anti-American, Middle Eastern apologist, your eyes have somewhat been opened in the whole patriotism versus nationalism debate.

I’m anti-nationalist, yes, but pro-patriotic, pro-American, and pro-Constitution, just from a perspective that doesn’t involve the false idea of American exceptionalism where America is above the law.

Right, so for writers, why is being vulnerable going to contribute to your success?

The reason being the more vulnerable you make yourself, the more you can connect with readers on a personal level. Pursuing passion is a tough gig for anyone and we can easily look into the trade jobs which many of us do one time or another and begin as an apprentice and work our way up. Yet, then again we all will be forced to make the same money as the guy next to us sleeping on the job while a union keeps him from getting fired and we’re all forced to pay the same kind of union dues as the guy sleeping on the job.

Yeah, not my forte, and it probably isn’t yours if you’re reading this.

In fact, anything you need a license in isn’t a forte of mine and when personal training becomes regulated, I’ll be saying ‘bye-bye’ to it because once any industry gives the government an inch, it’ll take a mile, a claim which can be proven simply by studying the history of the Federal Reserve Bank and we’ll leave it at that.



Be Imperfect

Imperfection is going to be your greatest strength.


Because when it comes to pursuing passion we’re going to struggle early and often while likely standing on the sidelines seeing others succeed around us, and when we reach a certain level of success in pursuit of our own passion, it’s our duty to pay it forward to others.

How do you pay it forward?

All you have to do is talk and write about the struggles you’ve gone through. Something that sets My Freedom Flame apart from others is it’s a hybrid motivational/libertarian blog not only talking about lessons I’ve learned on my own road to becoming an independent Authorpreneur, but also documents my own journey to success and how far I’ve come. I also love talking about my upcoming contemporary fantasy trilogy, Lord of Columbia, which coincides with motivation (writing the trilogy and seeing it through to the end), and libertarian (a republic versus empire story).

But, doing this is a struggle.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s easy to give up, and sometimes it’s tempting. Hey, seeing others with their pensions, job benefits, and security plus a nice salary is something we all want, but at the same time are we building our own dreams or someone else’s?



Focus on Your Dreams

Your means of income isn’t going to be your number one gig when pursuing passion.

Wait, so you’re saying what I’m doing to pay the bills shouldn’t be my number one, Todd?

You read that right, your goals come first. Writing for me, is number one in pursuit and with writing comes reading and research. My entire Twitter feed is dedicated to writing with a little bit of politics sprinkled in.

But yes, you need to treat your passion like it’s a full-time gig. For me, it’s getting more traffic to My Freedom Flame and at the same time improving the Lord of Columbia trilogy to where it’s not only going to be a good story, but something that will allow the reader to feel the action, emotion, and suspense from a deeper point-of-view of my main character. The trilogy is becoming my life.

You need to focus on your dreams, because if you don’t, someone’s going to hire you to work very hard to reach theirs, and they’re going to pay you a fraction of what you’ll eventually make when you reach your dreams. Sounds good, right?




The point of this post is to document and talk about your struggles. Write about what it took to become what you always wanted to be. I love to cite former NFL great Kurt Warner, who stocked groceries at a store before becoming NFL MVP in 1999 and a Super Bowl Champion, or Mike Piazza, one of the greatest MLB players ever who was drafted in the 62nd round as a favor to his own father.

We all face struggles, especially when it comes to something artistic, like writing, or whatever your passion may be. You need to build a following and an audience, and to do this is to connect with them on an emotional level. Take pride in and be thankful for your struggles. Look at each stressful day you have as a gift, because your stress will inspire someone one day when you succeed.

You’re going to succeed, and it’s going to come. The wins will come, and they’re going to come often. In fact, you’re going to win for a long, long time. It will happen. Remember that, and never give up.