Who are the True American Patriots?

What the Sons of Liberty Would’ve Done

Ron Paul once stated those in the media will brand those questioning actions of the government regarding foreign policy as unpatriotic and an apologist to so-called enemies such as Syria, Russia, and Iran, the new “axis of evil.”

However, Donald Trump’s reckless warmongering pursuit against Syria, Russia, and Iran, spearheaded by lies of Israeli Prime Minister, Ben Netanyahu would compare him to, well, King George III.

The President is not a King, which is why our nation’s great Founding Fathers placed it into the hands of the legislative branch to declare war.



Why the legislative branch?

America’s Founders believed, as King George III had proven, the executive branch was most susceptible to warmongering, therefore, by leaving power in the legislature, who represent the people, it would be the people in power to declare war.

Today, we’re living in a world where America has become the policemen. Worse yet, America has become reminiscent of the British Empire it sought to break away from.
Once upon a time, America was a free republic, but those days are long gone, replaced by an interventionist empire and the largest government the world has ever seen.



What would Sam Adams and America’s Founders, the Sons of Liberty, have done?

In my opinion, the Sons of Liberty would’ve taken notice and protests would spring up. The Sons of Liberty would’ve protested in the streets over this, had it occurred in the 1760’s and 1770’s.

But this is a time of government wiretapping where any American citizen can be detained, subject to torture, and assassinated if even suspected for being an enemy combatant, or a foreign apologist.

Today, Americans are expected to believe in the lies taught in state-funded political prisons called public schools and the words of the media, who pick up right where the public schools leave off.

The Constitution has been thrown to the curb as executive powers have declared needless war in each conflict since World War II.

Each successive President has issued more executive orders in terms of lawmaking.

Each successive President has become reminiscent of a King who once looked to turn the American Colonies into a totalitarian police state.



Yet, American neoconservatives and their nationalist supporters state if we don’t like the way things are done here, then leave.

However, the opposite is true. People such as I are true American patriots who see through the nationalist, warmongering ruse which benefits Congress, the welfare state, and the military-industrial complex. We have a Federal Reserve Bank which can print money out of thin air, devaluing the dollar and causing countries in the past like Libya and Iraq, and today like Russia and Iran, to lose faith in the US dollar.

We, as the Sons of Liberty would’ve done once upon time, call out the government when it is wrong.

The Sons of Liberty never would’ve left the American Colonies for greener pastures. Their voices and actions changed America and turned it into the greatest republic the world has ever seen.


Perhaps the time has come to bring back the Old Republic.


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