The Truth About Donald J. Trump and His Foreign Policy

Donald Trump’s Long History with the Rothschild Banking Dynasty and Associates

If there’s one thing I’ve been passionate on it’s exposing the lies of mass media. I write all the time about pursuing and selling passion, but lately I’ve turned more into the political realm to display more of what I devote my time to.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m sick of being lied to by parents, former school teachers, mass media, and politicians.

This is an article many may scoff at and yell “conspiracy theory,” but as I’ll link several articles and videos to my own and you can read the findings.



Follow Money

Many ask how I come up with my stories, and the best way to do so is to find sources which follow the money. Okay, so we need to begin the truth about Donald Trump in a place which has seen a lot of civil war over the past few years, that place being Syria.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, the Israeli army is illegally occupying the Golan Heights, which is an oil-rich region of Syria. The United States also illegally occupies Syria to the north, which is also oil rich. Also mentioned yesterday was the recent call-up of 44,000 US soldiers at the Jordan border, which also borders Syria’s Golan Heights.

Now, we have a little oil company based in New Jersey called Genie Oil, and on the board of advisors sits numerous neoconservatives like former Vice President Dick Cheney, former CIA director James Woolsey, Fox News media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and of course, Lord Jacob Rothschild.

Israeli Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu has already granted permission for Genie Oil to conduct business in the Golan Heights. Recall, the Golan Heights is Syrian territory illegally occupied by Israel.



How this Ties in With Trump

So, you may be asking, how does this tie in with Donald Trump?

To do this, we need to trace Donald Trump’s history back to a casino in Atlantic City called Resorts International (RI), where he became chairman of the organization.

However, RI was initially a painting company called Mary Carter Paint Company, which contained financing from former CIA director Allen Dulles and New York City Governor, Thomas E. Dewey in the 1950’s. This company was a front using 2 million dollars of CIA assets, also with connections to the Israeli Mossad. These men served as front men for David Rockefeller, who himself served as a front man for the Rothschilds.

This paint company committed crimes like money laundering and drug trafficking. Organized Crime syndicate Meyer Lansky took major influence in the new casino company, now known as RI. This served as a front for the Israeli Mossad’s arms deals.
RI Chairman James Crosby had several ties to the CIA, looking to lander more weapons connections to the Israeli Mossad.

Fast forward to 1987, where Donald Trump bought 93% of Crosby’s shares in RI. During this time, the New York real estate market collapsed, and Trump faced losing everything he owned and needed fast financial backing.

In other words, Trump’s multi-billion dollar empire almost collapsed.

Enter multi-national banking company Rothschild Inc., started by Nathan Rothschild, who funded Donald Trump and saved him from bankruptcy. With Trump in such financial straits, New Jersey Casino Control Commission would’ve stripped Trump’s casino licenses.



Wilbur L. Ross Jr., Senior Managing Director of Rothschild Inc.

Wilbur Ross was a powerful agent of the Rothschilds, using their wealth and influence to invest in Donald Trump.

In fact, Ross bailed out Donald Trump when Trump was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Bloomberg news printed another article stating Ross would support Trump if he received GOP nomination in 2016, and Ross made generous contributions to the Trump campaign.
The result?

Wilbur L. Ross Jr. is now the US Secretary of Commerce.



What do Rothschilds Expect in Return?

Ross is writing financial policy for Donald Trump.

With Trump in the White House, foreign trade will spark Ross’ interest. This includes reduced regulation on energy production.

This takes us back to Genie Oil.

This will benefit the Rothschilds due to their ties with Israel and the Golan Heights.
Lord Jacob Rothschild is the biggest name on the Advisory Board.
How are they going to go about digging for oil in the Golan Heights?
They need to overthrow Syrian President, Bashar al Assad.



Want More Fun?

Let’s turn our attention to a formerly secret fraternity called Kappa Beta Phi, full of Wall Street Bankers, and a journalist named Kevin Roose, who snuck into the fraternity after posing as a waiter.

What happened at a Kappa Beta Phi event?

It was boose-filled and cross-dressing affair. Roose witnessed the induction ceremony, which consisted of men dressing in leotards, including homophobic and sexist jokes.
Members of this group: Michael Bloomberg, the Rockefellers, and Wilbur Ross.

Want proof?

Check out minute thirty-one of this rather disturbing video of Donald Trump caressing Ross while Ross was dressed as a Drag Queen.




I’ve been saying it for months, and I have hard evidence to back up that Donald Trump is nothing more than a con-artist to America and his supporters in regard to foreign policy and Genie Oil.

Genie Oil needs territory to make its fortune and Trump has already stated America must “take the oil,” which is the Rothschild’s goal in the Middle East and other oil-rich nations.

The Rothschilds own Donald Trump due to Trump’s failed investments and near bankruptcy.

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