Truth Behind Trump’s Pulling Out of the Iranian Deal

What it Means for the US and the Rest of the World 

            I’ve really been hitting hard on my influences behind my upcoming trilogy, Lord of Columbia. Today, I want to get a little more in-depth and begin naming some elements of this trilogy.

            As stated previously, Lord of Columbia is the American Empire versus the Old American Republic, in a manner of speaking. The name of this empire is called Southpoint, due to the morale of this empire reaching their bottomless point, in other words, intense violations of human rights wherever this dirty empire decides to invade.

            If there’s one thing I can’t stand about public schools and mass media is that they lie. For someone whose passion is to become a writer via seeking the truth, I hate being lied to by teachers, law enforcement, politicians, and even my own parents, who’ve accepted lies like a bunch of Proles and have followed this twisted foreign policy agenda led by unpatriotic neoconservatives since the Global War on Terror began in 2001.


            Donald Trump’s Lies

            Donald Trump lied right out of the gate regarding the US backing out of the Iranian nuclear agreement, a move which has irked the European Union and several nations throughout the world.

            What were Trump’s lies?

            Donald Trump claimed Iran is part of the following, with my take on the truth following each claim:

1)      The world’s leading sponsor in terrorism, yet Iran hasn’t attacked anybody.

2)      Iran is the greatest threat to world peace. Why are US bases, a country known to do all the warmongering, surrounding Iranian borders? Furthermore, Iran has never threatened nor attacked the US.

3)      Iran assists the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Iran is allied with the Syrian regime committed to fighting terrorist organizations like ISIS, al-Nusra, and Jaish al-Islam. Doesn’t appear to be aiding the Taliban. Saudi Arabia, America’s and Israel’s best buddy in the Middle East, however, has some guilty fingers.

4)      One of the world’s worst human rights records. Uh, Saudi Arabia, anyone? And by the way, didn’t we just nominate one of the most notorious torturers to head up the CIA? Oh, Trump defended the war crimes.

5)      Detains foreigners without due process. Gitmo? NDAA?



            US has zero evidence of any Iranian terrorist activity. Furthermore, per the IAEA, Iran has complied with all terms of the 2015 nuclear agreement.

            And once again, the US is flanking Iran left and right…literally.

            What does this mean for Israel?

            We know the US and Israel coincided with a military assault in Syria. Further, stock prices in the military-industrial complex have bumped in the last day. As I stated before, these wealthy investors have a pact with Congress, securing them votes for the purchase of weapons.

            How does this involve Israel?

            Remember, Ben Netanyahu has been accusing Iran of building nukes to have them readily available since 1992.

            The US declares economic war on Iran by re-implementing economic sanctions, killing the Iranian economy at the expense of its people. If another country did this to the US, wouldn’t it fuel animosity toward them?

            Wasn’t Netanyahu the one who stated Iraq had WMD’s and were the biggest threat to world peace?

            Wasn’t that false?


            Provoking Iran?

            The US has been involved in the Syrian Civil War, fighting against the Russian-Iranian backed Assad administration and has since occupied one-third of the country near the Golan Heights, also a place rich in oil.

            Just yesterday, Israel has been launching strikes onto Iranian bases in Syria. This killed several Iranians in the Syrian city of Kiswah.

            Also, near the Golan Heights which is illegally occupied by Israel, the US secretly has 44,000 ground troops stationed on the border of the Golan Heights in Jordan.

            How does this provoke Iran?

            With economic sanctions, the US opposition to Assad, the US justifying Israeli attacks, and US bases surrounding Iran, it means the US is trying to provoke Iran into responding militarily to the US and Israel.

            Such an attack will justify an Iranian invasion by mass media in the US and Israel, while making Iran look like the bad guy.


            Genie Oil

            There is a little oil company based in New Jersey in which is Israeli-owned called Genie Oil.

            Ever hear of Jacob Baron Rothschild?

            He’s on the board.

            Dick Cheney?

            Also on the board.

            Who is Genie Oil?

            They’re the company looking to begin business in the Golan Heights and have been doing so for years. Israel has long been looking to take the Golan Heights, and the Zionists such as Cheney and Rothschild who are sitting on Genie Oil’s Board will make a lot more wealth if they can seize the region.

            What has been going on in the Golan Heights in preparation?

            As mentioned, the US has troops already at the Jordan border, reserve troops, might I add.

            The Israeli Defense Force, IDF has opened bomb shelters and have all nearby hospitals on level three alert.

            This is all in preparation for what I had in my above headline: Provoking an Iranian retaliation.

            But Israel will strike first.


            Because, Israel only needs to state this country is a threat, or that country is a threat, as they’ve been doing for decades since its creation, and the US will justify this.


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