But the View atop the Apex is Breathtaking

The long, long road to success, true success, is for the strong-willed individual.
There will be hardships, obstacles, and times you cry out to fate and wonder why you’re doing this.
Trust me, I know, because I’m in the hardship and obstacle part. I can easily give up on my dream of becoming a profitable indie-author who also writes blogs, find normal work, and write for a hobby (I do work a normal job called being a fitness trainer!), but why would I bother?
Why do people succumb to this false sense of reality we’re all subject to conform?
When you were young you shared dreams and ambitions with friends and family.


Friends and family encouraged you to go after them and reach these lofty goals you set for yourself.
But, as you reached high school, or perhaps college, these dreams disappeared.



What was it?

Did you look around and see your friends and relatives close to your age getting their guaranteed salary, benefits, bonuses, and other perks by falling prey to corporations and government?
Or, did the praise and encouragement from friends, family, and peers become the subject of ridicule because something called “reality” would set the stage for a rude awakening?
Or best yet, did you do so because you saw your friends and family falling victim to corporations and government and figured the only way to succeed in this world was to conform to social norms and follow suit, becoming a conformist and setting your future generations up for, what?



What is true success?

I define it as pursuing what you were passionate about as a kid.
Did you dream of working in a corporate office or behind a desk taking phone calls each day and talking about numbers?
I’m sure you dreamed of becoming something else.
Go to school, get a diploma, join the work force.
Go to school, get a degree, join the work force.
Join the work force, work really hard for someone else while getting compensated fraction of generated income.
Go home, watch news, government stage false flags in Syria last month, Assad must go, Assad bad. Iran lied nuclear deal. Iran big threat. Iran bad.
Gives you something to talk about, right?
See, this is a branch of true success: the ability to think critically.
Critical thinking.
Critical thinking is the basis to success.
My Freedom Flame caters mainly to aspiring authors like myself, documenting my own, personal journey in real time while other posts on my site deal with global affairs.




Because true success is a long and lonely road. It’s a road that starts at the base of a mountain, and the mountain you’re about to climb is full of jagged edges, crevasses, avalanches, wicked ice storms, and an abominable snowman or two.
You’re going to go further than anyone you’ve ever met. Sure, true success may be a long and lonely road up a steep mountain-cliff, but once you’ve reached the apex, you’ve reached the highest peak known to man. You’ve gone where few have even dared to go, or even dared to think of going.
You’re going to accomplish something great. Sure, it may render you an unpopular laughingstock with friends and family, but this feeling will come to pass. Your former supporters will become your doubters, and you’ll be talked about in social circles.
Oh yes, especially if you’re a writer and you’re not shy about putting your opinions to a page, let alone a blog, or gasp, a full-length novel. Religion, politics, race, religion, politics, race, the three things you never talk about.
Oh, Lord of Columbia talks a lot about religion, politics, and race.
Many of your most successful writers talk religion, politics, and race.
And when you’re a writer and you talk about religion, politics, and race, you’re going to have more haters, even when you’ve reached the apex.
But here’s the beauty of the situation: Your haters, and all the wannabe apex predators like the Pepsi Guy, are going to be looking up at you.
And the view atop the apex is breathtaking, they say.