Why Pursuing Passion is Worth More than an Everyman (or Everywoman) Gig

I couldn’t help but conduct extensive research into George Orwell’s dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four. What struck me in Nineteen Eight-Four is the three classes are comprised of the Inner Party, Outer Party, and Prole, and the sheer control the Inner and Outer Parties had on the Proles…. without controlling them.
It hits home here at My Freedom Flame, because the correlation between the Proles in this novel and the masses in real life is astounding. The Proles have two primary functions: work and breed. They’re also not expected to live longer than age sixty.
Does it sound familiar to the two primary functions of the masses?
Does paying taxes and dying ring a bell?
So, many we’ve went to school with are going to end up working to pay taxes and dying.


They’re going to get their jobs, insurance benefits, salaries, retirement plans, and believe they’re set for life.
Only, they’re set to become drones to someone else.
Sure, the more they make for a company the more they’re paid, but it doesn’t change the fact they’re working really, really hard (excuse my adverbs) to achieve someone else’s dreams while being bribed to do so.
Did I mention they’re expected to be grateful for the opportunity at every company outing?
Something like, “Oh, I’m grateful for working for Company A, who gave me a great salary, bonus, benefits, 401(K), the whole nine yards.”
Fantastic. You won respect from mom and dad who no longer need to worry about you.


But, what kind of impact are you making?



We’re all Winston Smith

Any of us looking to do something greater and with purpose are Winston Smith. We may not realize it, but people like myself who are so stubborn we insist in going into business for ourselves and won’t stop until we reach the apex in our chosen fields are real-life versions of Winston Smith.
We’re truth seekers.
We need to find purpose.
We need to have fulfillment, even in our paid career.
While Winston Smith wished to find the truth and committed ‘thoughtcrimes,’ we’re the ones who think beyond the status-quo. We’re open to question everything taught to us.



Many of us question everything we’re taught, and that’s okay.



Thomas Jefferson once said to question everything, starting with the existence of God.




The Role of Public Schools

Public schools are state-run political prisons designed to teach a state-approved curriculum designed around submitting to authority, which of course, prepares us to become Proles in the work world ruled by the Inner Party and enforced by the Outer Party.
Of course, there are differences between today’s society and the super-state known as Oceania, but let’s relate it as such.
Many ask me how I can call public schools state-run political prisons.
Let’s check off many factors:
1) They’ll never teach you how to work for yourself, only to work for or with others.
2) A continuation of Factor One, they’ll never teach you how to open and run a successful business.
3) Class based on personal finance? Forget it.
4) One-sided view of history where the “winner” tells history. A la American Civil War and the Lincoln administration.
5) The free-market caused many economic hardships, which is totally false.
6) They follow a one-size, fits most curriculum. Sure, they have Advanced Placement classes, but what are they, really? Classes which teach the same thing just at a faster pace.
7) They’ll never cater to the strengths of the individual kids.
8) They’ll medicate and sedate the hyper kids, and if the parents refuse, it’s somehow considered child abuse, meaning the state owns your child.
9) Sure, a few may go on to do awesome things, but the rest will either get a degree and join the work force or join the work force right after high school. Again, it comes back to working and breeding.
10) Problems facing America, such as third-world immigration and the national debt are never addressed. And if they are, there’s no teaching the solution to the problem.
11) As mentioned in previous articles, I’ve had experiences where the teacher praised our people’s “patriotism” for giving up a few rights in exchange for increased security, or, allowing an outside force such as government to limit rights, like free speech. But when a right becomes compromised, it’s no longer a right.



Why it Matters?

When it comes to pursuing passion, it’s the world against you.
Look at the amount of work that comes into building your own business empire. Think of the amount of ridicule we’re faced with by others for voicing pursuit of our passions. Think of the negative seeds being planted by many in your mind, telling you it can’t happen.
Such exposure to cognitive dissonance and thoughts of others cause many to give in, to give up.
But there is good news, and the good news is there are others out there on the same mission as you. It’s a minute number growing smaller as the years go by, but they’re out there. I can be a positive influence to anyone, because not only to I know the challenges, I’m on the journey.


Find people who are likeminded and become friends with them. They’ll be your support.



They’ll be your motivator, even when no one else is.



We can and will pursue our passion because the rewards are infinite.