Why Many Succumb to Working Everyday Jobs in Favor of Pursuing Passion

If you’re pursuing your passion while working a steady job, I give you props, because you’re part of a very small percentage of Americans willing to bypass the “normal” lifestyle of the average person.


What does this lifestyle entail?
I’ve said it in at least half of my articles so if you’ve been following me for a bit, feel free to skip this paragraph. Since I act on assumption I’m getting at least one new reader with each article, I’m going to reiterate that the normal lifestyle consists of waking up, fighting traffic, working a job to make someone else a lot of money and work hard to help them achieve their dream, fight traffic on the way home, arrive at home, and wake up only to repeat what you did the day before.
Oh, and did I mention they’re going to pay you just enough and give you just enough benefits for you to stay loyal and thankful to have them grant you such a “great” opportunity?
Yeah, because your employer will replace you in two seconds once someone they deem better equipped for your job comes along.
How do we combat this?
How do we rid ourselves of this Stockholm Syndrome everyone and their mother find themselves in?
It’s not an easy task, but it’s a fun, challenging, and character-building task.
Oh, did I say character-building?
Oh, oh, oh, yes! Especially for those of us hoping to build a writing career. Yes, character-building is a most definite must here, in more than one way.



Pursuing Passion While Working

Okay, this is the challenge, especially when your income gets meager, as mine’s becoming. Not a good situation in the slightest, but if you’re a positive person, amazing things happen when it gives you a sense of urgency.
In a way, I’m cool with lower pay because it motivates me to continue my pursuit of becoming the Authorpreneur I’ve wanted to be for the last few years.
Pursuing passion may be the toughest thing you do, but it’s the greatest thing you’ll do. Keep in mind it’s hard and long, but it’s energizing, and it’s why everyone should be doing this.



Cost versus Benefits

A Pittsburgh Pirate fan was kicked out of PNC Park the other day for wearing a shirt stating, “Spend Nutting, Get Nutting,” in reference to Owner Bob Nutting, who’s notorious for keeping his team’s payroll among the MLB’s lowest.
Same goes for pursuing passion.
If you spend nothing, you’ll get nothing. And much of your income may be going toward your passion. For someone who wishes to build his own writer’s business, it means investing in book promos (Lord of Columbia will be launched in September!), a professionally designed cover, targeting correct audiences, building my blog’s audience and email list, and much more.
This doesn’t come cheap but look past the initial costs; look at the benefits! Look at where you’re going to be years from today. Have a five-year plan and get cracking. I don’t care how old or young you are. This is your dream and you deserve to fulfill it.
We live once in this particular life, so why not go for it all?




Why Work a Normal Job?

Why work a normal job where you get a good salary, benefits, vacation pay, and a retirement plan?
Looks good on paper, right?
Have you ever noticed a discrepancy in happiness and stress levels comparing those who work “normal” jobs to those who are doing what they’ve envisioned themselves doing since they were kids?
You know, those entrepreneurs, many of whom are in business for themselves, who never let the dream die?
They always upheld the dream, and for that, they succeeded.
Why work a normal job?
So a corporation or government entity can “take care” of you?
You’re more than capable of taking care of yourself and not being bogged down by chains in a place you know you’re only there due to the pay.
But you can make more.
You can create revenue.
Hey, I’ve been on this journey for three short months and I’m loving it right away.
Keep at it, because one day you and me both are going to make it.