Month: May 2018

An INFJ’s Quest

The INFJ may be the most mysterious personality type of them all. Often, we’re misunderstood by the masses, but we are sane people; we just think a little different than others.


Make the Republic Great Again? Fiction Holds Many Strange Truths

What if I told you a republic existed that was greater than anything in the known universe? This republic was once under the wise rule of wise representatives and defended from within. This republic throve and grew throughout its formative years.
However, as typically happens when power and wealth are passed into the wrong hands, those with greed appeared. Over the years, as power and wealth were continually passed into criminals’ hands, the once-great republic rotted away from a danger within.

Comeback for the Ages

While I’ve been giving my contemporary fantasy, Lord of Columbia, the majority of the coverage lately, I’m in early stages of writing my second trilogy, Comeback Kid, the first book to be released in early 2019.

So, why am I talking about Comeback Kid today?

For one, Comeback Kid has a broader audience than Lord of Columbia. While Lord of Columbia reaches out to libertarian-minded individuals and those who love the deeper (I’m too novice to say it’s truly deep) point-of-view, and contemporary fantasy, Comeback Kid is literally one of those books anyone can sit back and enjoy.

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