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How to Adapt to New Schedules While Pursuing Passion

It’d been coming since this time last year. Rediscovering my love for writing meant a stake in my actual work, which was my second passion. It also means I’m on the hunt to look for work outside the gym atmosphere to fund my dream of becoming an indie-author, freelance writer, and virtually as Derek Haines coins, the Authorpreneur.
The benefits in working my current gig have been tremendous regarding pursuing my passion for writing, including flexible scheduling, working on my writing and research from an office while on my downtime in the middle of the day, and remaining for the most part stress free.
But the pay isn’t enough, which is why I’m not about to give up a gym job for writing. However, by taking a plunge and finding work in a place, even if it’s stressful work, for a year or so that not only pays the bills but gives me some to put into a savings (and writing) account is worth it.
Yet, there is something I’ll need to do, and it’s to adapt to a new schedule.



Finding Time to Write

If you’ve been following My Freedom Flame for a while, you know my recommendations for pursuing passion fall into two portions of the day: early morning or late evening. Drawing inspiration from full-time freelance writer and award-winning author Jerry Jenkins, who wrote between nine in the evening and midnight, I swear by this style.
Many of us work between eight and twelve-hour days. However, those of us working twelves may have an extra day or so off, while those of us working eights may work more days but will have more time in the day to pursue passion.
When do you find time to write?
When you’re not working.



Pulling the Excuse Card

Many people will pull the excuse card as a means to justify why they haven’t pursued their passion. Some say it’s because their passion doesn’t pay. Well, writing doesn’t pay early on and it takes time to make a solid paycheck, as does personal training.
To this extent, the ultimatum is set and one of them has to go forever. It’s going to be personal training, and it’s a no-brainer.
One passion had to take center stage, and now, it’s writing. If the Deep State didn’t exist and if America really was the free nation our teachers in public school claim it is, which the masses believe it is, but in actuality, it isn’t, I’d take training because I’d have nothing to write about.
But no, people must realize what’s going on and I must be part of this resistance.
But it doesn’t stop people from pulling the excuse card left and right.
We see it daily. They get a job, wake up, get ready, fight traffic, do their job for eight to twelve hours, come home, relax, and, well, become the drone society wants them to become.
Yet, and I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, it doesn’t have to be this way. Eighteen hours. We have eighteen hours per day to pursue passion. Now, if you work eight hours and drive an hour to work and back, you’re down to eight hours. You’ll eat for a grand total of an hour, so we’re down to seven. If you need to workout one to two hours per day, you’re down to five. Household chores for an hour, down to four. Miscellaneous tasks take us down to three.
Three hours per day. If you work twelve hours, you’d simply take the days you’re off from work. No one’s working eighty-four-hour work weeks unless it involves either their passion or a massive money-making scheme.
Again, you have time.



How to Make Time

This is where daily planning comes to the forefront. What you need to do is make a list of all tasks you perform each day. For instance, it’s Monday, and most of us are working. So, for Monday (at the training job until I find my new gig), I know I have clients in the morning and late afternoon/early evening. So, I have middle of the day and between ten and midnight.
However, say I get a job with stable working hours for once and I work between eight and four, five days a week, and maybe eight to twelve on the sixth day. Okay, so I need to drive an hour and back to work, so I leave my apartment at six-thirty (half-hour of buffer time!), and drive an hour home, so I plan on being home between six and six-thirty.
Being a hardcore workout warrior, I’d likely get up at four in the morning, be ready to work by six-thirty, and hit the gym in the evening around six-thirty. If I only saw reasonable time to workout once per day, I’d simply combine my lift with cardio and interval work, no big deal. But, I still have between eight and ten to pursue my passion during the week, giving me ten hours per work week, four hours on Saturday, giving me fourteen, and all-day Sunday, we’ll say I’ll take eight hours. This gives me twenty to twenty-two hours to work with.




Red Flags

Though my degree is in wellness and fitness and I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 2012, the love for the craft was merely a bubble. Sure, I love exercise so much I do so twice per day, but one red flag I couldn’t justify was having a free, complimentary membership at Anytime Fitness yet when I’m home in Weirton, paying for a membership at Snap Fitness.
My reasoning?
Despite the fact there is an Anytime in Weirton, which I worked in for four years, Snap simply had better people, a friendlier atmosphere, a cleaner club, and many of my old Anytime friends and clients migrated to Snap.
And I was willing to pay for the membership. That may state a lot.



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