How to Research Your Passion Before Nosediving into it

For those of you following My Freedom Flame, you know by now a few things about how to pursue your passion, but you also know about my own passion and issues I hold close which inspire me to make a gradual, yet progressive switch from personal trainer to full-time writer.

Note the word ‘gradual’ because when you’re inspired to pursue your passion, and hopefully one day monetize and making a full-time living off it, you want to take your time, but be progressive in your approach.



Why Nosediving into Passion Isn’t Smart

How many of us have thrown caution to the wind and came up empty handed?

Okay, likely a few of us have done so, myself included, but it’s important we learn from our past mistakes. When the time comes to launch the first book in my Lord of Columbia series, Northern Knights (the title has changed a few times for those who’ve been following me since day one, keep reading to find out why), I want everything to be well-researched.



What Have I Learned?

Here is a list of things I never knew existed a few months back, and had I remained ignorant, I would’ve launched Lord of Columbia with disastrous results:

1) SEO and meta-data. Thank goodness I came across a few articles describing SEO and meta-data. SEO and meta-data discuss keywords, which if you’re entering the self-publishing, blogging, or internet marketing world, it’s a great thing to research. If you choose poor keywords or long-tail keywords, your product won’t stay afloat. However, by conducting research in SEO and meta-data, I can use keywords to direct traffic to my book.

2) The Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild was phenomenal and continues to be. I thought I knew how to write before coming across and investing my hard-earned money into the Guild. Good move. Had I neglected this step, I’d have continued being over-descriptive with adjectives, adverbs, written-ese, on the nose writing, passive voice, point of view violations, and much more.

3) Making sound investments and not trying to beat around the bush and attain free information or do things the homemade way to save a few bucks. Take Lord of Columbia and book covers. Instead of making my own book cover, which I’ve never done in my life, it’s best to invest a few bucks into purchasing a one of a kind, premade cover.

4) Research ‘how to’ articles regarding self-publishing. I’ve never launched a book before, so conducting research months ahead of time is crucial. I read an article, bookmark it into my Favorites, and refer to it as often as I need to.

5) Finally, book promotion. I plan on releasing Lord of Columbia in September 2018, which gives me sixteen weeks before my launch. Now, had I done this last year or two years ago, I’d have launched then promoted. Bad move, per many indie-authors. One thing I’ve learned is to promote, promote, promote early and build the following, too.


Passion is Worth Patience

I know some of us may be in dead-end jobs or in a job we dread going to each day. Okay, I get it, and I realize you want out of there as fast as possible, but if you rush pursuing your passion, it’s going to backfire.

Take it one day at a time and make a list of what you can do to pursue your passion today. Every day I wake up, I make a list of what needs to be done in regard to pursuing my passion of authoring e-books.

Say, for tomorrow, Monday morning, I’ll check my work schedule. I’m training clients from nine to twelve, and I’m on downtime until four in the afternoon, and I’m training from four until eight. Now, I’ll get a workout in at noon, and conduct two office hours, giving me a ten-hour day. I also drive forty-five minutes to and from work, so let’s call it eleven hours.

However, I give myself at least eighteen waking hours per day, so I’ll workout a second time upon arriving at home (in a different gym), eat dinner, and clean my apartment. This gives me another three hours, but I still have four hours to pursue throughout my day.

So, I make my list, which might look like this:

1) Edit Lord of Columbia, Book Three (all three manuscripts have been drafted at least once).

2) Research global issues. Global issues such as socialism, the Deep State, war, and mass surveillance influence my passion to write. I’ll devote at least an hour to research and since some of it comes from YouTube Channels like Blackstone Intelligence, Ron Paul Liberty Report, and Free Domain Radio, I can listen in during my workouts or even during office hours, which is a definite help.

3) I’ll write at least one article for My Freedom Flame, with topics covering motivation, libertarian politics, or updates regarding Lord of Columbia.

4) Write a little on future ideas. Lord of Columbia is just one of many ideas I have, it’s just my first and current work. I have a slew of ideas to write about, and I like writing a little each day, perhaps working on an outline, or a very rough first draft.




Don’t nosedive, but instead remain prudent, do something each day, and those small victories will add. Plan your day and stick to the plan. Set time aside and keep it sacred. Use trial and error, finding which scenarios work best for you.

If you’re an early riser, wake up an hour or two earlier than you normally would, or if you’re a night owl, stay up later than usual. If you’re like me and are part of the “sleepless elite” where you can thrive off little sleep, you’re in luck, as you can rise early and sleep late night after night.

Every little thing you do each day will lead your to achieving your ultimate dreams.