Pursuing Passion is Full of Ups and Downs, here’s how to Stay Motivated Through Rough Times

2017 was quite the whirlwind, but it taught me numerous valuable lessons when it came to pursuing my writing while trying to work full-time as a personal trainer. I’ll be the first to tell you, and others around you in any field will say financial situations can become dire.
Bills, taxes, rent, mortgage, utilities, student loans, car payments, and anything else you can think of will stack up, and sometimes we may find ourselves on the verge of looking over at our relatives doing financially well in their field of choice.
Well, allow me to rephrase the final phrase a bit. Field of choice somewhere between junior year of high school and year after graduating college sometimes doing a job completely irrelevant to their degree.
Hey, it’s great you can make $20,000 per month in car sales, now tell me again how much you wanted to make a living in a high-pressure job selling cars with a crazy high quota set by someone else who’s going to make at least $30,000 to $40,000 per month.
Yeah, but $20,000 per month is six-figures, and my life is set!
Great, now tell me again about how many times you’re getting called to your manager’s office after letting the dude who “just wanted to look” walk off the lot.
I have a friend who used to do car sales, so I kind of know the ruse. Anyone walking onto a lot wants to buy a car. Okay, true, but I last bought a car in 2015 and though I had intention of eventually buying a car, I wasn’t about to spend my money until I, well, you know, looked around. Then, when I negotiated with the dealer, I was able to pull the price card after shopping around a bit.
Hey, making $20,000 per month as a car salesman is great, but tell me the last time a kid wanted to be a car salesman when they grew up unless their dad was doing the job.
For those of us who are courageous enough not to sell out our passions for working as a car salesman or a Pepsi Guy, we get to do what we love, even if it’s not going to pay its dividends early on.
Hey, writers and trainers alike won’t make anything until they build a solid following and clientele. But, when the following and client base is built, it’s lights out, because not only will you be making a respectable paycheck per month, unlike the car salesman or Pepsi Guy, you’re going to be doing what you love and making an awesome paycheck.


How many peers from high school, friends, family, and all the Pepsi Guys out there can say that?
But, taking this journey is high, lonely, long, winding, questioning, sometimes debilitating and many may be on the verge or giving up.
Word of advice: Don’t give up.
Why would you give up?
Look, all you need to do is stay the course and find things that make you feel like you’re on cloud nine every day.
For instance, when I’m at work interacting with members, I’m free. When I’m working out, I’m free. When I’m writing, reading, or editing, I’m free. When I’m researching ways to continue building my following, I’m free. When I’m crafting my book series, Lord of Columbia, I’m free.
When you’re pursuing your passion and putting 110% into your work, you’re free. You’re doing something worthwhile. You’re doing something you know you can make into a living if you continue to stay the course and work hard at what you’re doing.
Sure, it’s going to be high pressure, but you’re holding yourself accountable, and no one is going to micromanage you but you. You’re your own boss. You set your own work hours. You get to be stress-free, even during tough times, because you find value in what you’re doing.
You’re enjoying the process, because each day, each task you complete, each piece of writing you finish, each manuscript you finish editing, each workout your finish, and any and every hobby you partake in that you enjoy, will set you free, and it’s much better than stressing over something someone making twice your own inflated salary is forcing you to do.
Again, if you want the bail out, there are plenty of higher paying opportunities out there that will give you an awesome paycheck in exchange for being completely miserable, but at the same time, you gave up.
So, don’t give up. Keep working your tail off at what you love, because as the old saying goes, when you put your mind to something, you’ll be surprised on what you can accomplish. You will accomplish what you’ve always wanted. It’s going to take more work than anything you’ve ever done, but you have the passion, so the hard work isn’t going to feel like work. You have the desire and the never say die attitude, so you are going to not be satisfied until you reach the pinnacle of success in your field.
Your passion makes you happy. It makes life worth living. It makes you wake up each day with purpose, with drive, with desire, to get things done and to complete each task so one day you can say, “Yes, I’ve made it. It took a lot of time, work, and eighteen to twenty waking hours per day, but I made it. Although things were beyond tough, and at times I didn’t know what the future held, I fought through the storm. And I reached landfall.”
So, moral of the post, don’t sell yourself out to pressure people into signing papers for a car or poisoning people with Pepsi products.