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How the Public Schooling System is Indoctrinating America’s Children into Becoming Drones

If there’s one thing killing motivation of our children, it’s the public schooling system. Public schooling is indoctrinating America’s children into becoming drones and it’s freedom’s greatest enemy.

Education via public schooling is compulsory for the most part unless the parent wishes to home school or send a child to private school. At least, it’s like this today.


Why is Public Schooling the Enemy of Freedom?

Public schooling is the enemy of freedom because people are born free. People are born free, you see, and the state realizes such. So, the best way to usurp personal freedoms from people doesn’t start with mass surveillance or the Patriot Act, but it’s to utilize something in public schools called propaganda.



What is propaganda?

Propaganda consists of a higher authoritative figure telling children what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, but it goes beyond individual behavior, but thoughts, beliefs, and, ultimately action.

If the kid acts out too often in class, rather than utilize their extreme extroverted skills in areas like communication, the school simply sends a letter to the parents requesting he or she to be examined by a healthcare professional, diagnosed with an attention-deficit disorder, put on a pill, and sedated into learning state-approved propaganda.

There’s my run-on sentence again.



Why does propaganda exist?

Propaganda exists because some people desire power over others. Those who desire power are more probable to run for public office, so they can attain power over others. This is often seen in legislation and also in the executive branch of government.

When such propagandists attain power over others, a statist agenda is formulated. Much of this was seen during the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, in which my between four and six times removed great uncle, Woodrow Wilson, oversaw the usurpation of Americans’ rights on a sound monetary system and implemented a government monopoly on a fiat currency. Thanks, Uncle Woodrow, you made my job a little tougher.


How does this influence public schools?

Okay, well the creation of the Fed kickstarted several subsequent actions by power wielding bureaucrats. After the creation of the Fed came the boom of the 1920’s, which we now know to be a bubble, as it was followed by a worldwide depression.

From the depression until today, the United States government committed several atrocities.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and later Richard Nixon took America off the gold-standard, Nixon doing so completely to help fund American Intervention overseas, kickstarted by none other than Wilson himself after the sinking of the Lusitania in World War I.

America is taken off the gold standard to fund the military-industrial complex and has been at war ever since World War II, this including the Korean War, Vietnam War, intervention in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Cold War (nonviolent), the Gulf War, and the so-called War on Terror.

This influences public schools for many reasons. For one, kids are conditioned to accept the fiat currency we are told is money and to accept war. However, the devalue of the dollar and its correlation to fuel the military-industrial complex is never discussed and if it is, it’s a necessity. We are taught in schools these countries we’re attacking, Syria being the most recent, must be attacked and intervened because their leaders are exploiting the citizens and killing their own people, the same lies they told me and my class regarding Iraq.

In fact, I had a teacher tell us the September 11th attacks occurred because they didn’t like Americans due to our freedoms, yet the same teacher also told us it was our duty as Americans to give up some of our freedoms in the name of security during times of war. This may’ve been my first warning sign in regard to my pro-liberty way of thinking. And over fifteen years later, we’re still in the same war.



How Does This Tie in to Pursuing Passion?

This might be the easy part here, as it’s tied into pursuing passion because the state gives us just enough knowledge for us to learn what they want us to learn, but not enough, by ignoring the other sides of the equation, for us to question or even debate about what we’ve been taught.

Well, at least until we’re asked if we want to be Republican or Democrat, then we can debate on how the government should spend our hard-earned money (after making someone else a lot of money whose lodge brothers are probably in government) and they end up passing a 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill, one of the largest bills ever passed by Congress, which is controlled by the Republicans, who run on a small government platform. Yeah, it’s anything but small government when a GOP-controlled Congress and GOP President passes a bill of this magnitude.

So, when it comes to pursuing passion, schools never teach us how to run our own business, begin a blog, influence the world, or put a price on our wisdom. Look, there are many ways to pursue passion in what we love to do, but of course, public schools wish on us to become drones to the state and never question the status-quo. However, these days we live in a changing world, where the internet gives us freedom (for the time being) to monetize our own works.

For myself, I look to monetize my writings, such as Lord of Columbia, which will be launched in September 2018. There are now ways to monetize blogs, and it’s more than books. We can place ads via Google adsense, begin a Patreon account, YouTube Channel, and many other ways. We just need to sell ourselves.

But, tell this to a public school teacher and they’ll be shoving propaganda down your throat as with us doing our own thing, especially in challenging the ways of the state, will help awaken the minds of others.



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