Horrors of Working on a Time Clock in the Real World

I’m lucky enough to have one thing going for me as I pursue my passion for writing. I have, and I’m sure many of you may relate, have a never-say-die attitude when it comes to work ethic. We’re go-getters, and we get what we want.

No, we don’t get what we want.

We work for what we want, and it makes us go-getters.

It’s just like wanting to get food. It’s not going to come to you, you’re going to have to go get it. If you want to buy a new car, the dealership isn’t going to come to you, have to go to it. Anything you want, you have to go out and get.

Now, some people claim their situation is beyond their control, and sure, I’ll concede some situations are beyond your control, as if a parent dies and you have to look after your younger siblings, or something of the sort, I get it.

However, there are still things within our control we can make a brighter day of. One such issue is our horrible bosses at work.

None of us like our bosses, correct?

Back in 2011 and 2012 during my formative years in the workforce (I’m very young), we had this store manager every soul in Riesbecks despised.

And for good reason.

He was a micro-manager who had a fake personality, like a painted smile on his face ninety percent of the time unless you caught him with his resting face and it was quite different.

Anyway, here’s what we have in store.

See, in America, if you hate your boss, you have the freedom to pursue something else, which makes this country, one of the last remaining strongholds of compromised freedom in the world (and it’s getting more compromised by the day), a great place to be.

Now, I can’t stand our country’s monetary policy, political landscape, or foreign policy, but it’s for another article you can view in my archives if you get the chance as I touch on it a great deal there, what I do like is you can leave your job at any given time and don’t have to be subject to such micro-managing bosses you can’t do anything right for and want nothing more than to find another place of work!

Man, that’s a long sentence, but when we step into those beginning, pedestrian jobs such as myself back when I was bagging groceries and stocking produce, you see miserable people in there who’ve been stuck in the same position for twenty-plus years as if they believe it’s their destiny to stock produce day in and day out until they retire.

And by the way, you made the company millions of dollars per year while you made somewhere between thirty and fifty-thousand a year doing a job you say you’re thankful for but would rather be doing something else.

Hey, let’s be honest.

This is why I went into personal training where I still remain today as my primary gig, which at least pays the bills and grants me the freedom to pursue my passion for writing, politics, and alternative news.

Sure, I work under an owner and a club manager, but at least I’m not subject to having a man who’d been with Riesbecks Foods (man, that place will never hire me again) breathing over my shoulder day in and day out telling me to clean the bins when I just cleaned them or stocking the cabbage until I cause a cabbage avalanche and some eighty-plus year old grandma riding in a scooter is going to get bombarded with falling cabbage!

Okay, what is with my run-on sentences today?

Anyway, considering the above scenario, I have a lot of explaining to do.

Not only that, the boss would’ve likely fired me by now.

Okay, so how does this all tie with pursuing passion?

Allow me to state the obvious: you hate your boss and you need to find another gig before you lose your mind and I lose mine for using the word ‘you’ in a sentence three times.

This gives you all the ammunition you need to pursue your passion, it’s right in front of you and blatant.

Perhaps it’s a sign for you to pursue what you’ve always wanted?

Some people ask me why I’d choose writing over fitness, since fitness appeared to be my primary motivation for years.

Honestly, it’s because I’m a believer that the Deep State exists, and they control corporations, the military-industrial complex, the media, and even the source of your bank account. It’s my passion to expose this to people, and while working as a trainer has its benefits by at least getting people off big pharma, also controlled by the Deep State, I can reach more through my writing about the Deep State.

And I guess I can always write books on why eating whole food beats processed, and why you need to exercise more than what government recommendations state, something like a half-hour of moderate activity a day, or something like that.
But anyway, back to the point of this article: If you hate your boss, you need to go somewhere else.

In the breakroom at work, people loved to complain about old Scotty, but the problem is, complaining doesn’t fix the problem; it addresses the issue, but it doesn’t fix the issue. The one with the power to fix the issue is you. However, people tend to rely on their employer to remove the overbearing manager, but if he or she are making the store money, you’re kind of stuck with them.

So, you need to buckle down, remember you control your life, and your destiny is always in your control. This is the beauty of America, and it’s the beauty of the power your soul possesses. Never be negative and think what you’re doing is set in stone; it isn’t. Work hard today for a better tomorrow.