Spread Your Agenda Abroad. You’ll be Loved or Hated, but You’ll Survive

Writers being themselves are going to be either loved or hated. If you’re a writer, you’re likely going have an opinion on issues which are important to you. It’s okay, because you took the first step in the right direction. Be warned, however, because the more you pour your soul into writing, and spread your agenda abroad, you’ll be loved or hated, but you’ll survive.

But aren’t most writers loved or hated?

Look, we live in a society of divided people and it’s more than the Right or Left. A Libertarian such as I will agree and disagree with both sides. In fact, us Libertarians are basically the ‘mind your own business if it isn’t directly effecting your life’ kind of people.

A few rules regarding writing:

You’re going to please people, you’re going to offend people, people will view you as an inspiration, and people will view you as being stuck-up.

Hey, the golden rule is you won’t please everyone, but you’ll please many more. You’re going to win some and lose some. An MLB manager once said in baseball, each team will win fifty games and lose fifty games, so they sixty-two remaining games will determine how your season goes.

The same goes for writing. You’re going to have good days where you earn over one hundred followers to your writer’s platform and you’re going to have days where you lose followers.

Take the above MLB example and spin it into a year’s time. There are three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, so you’re going to win one hundred times and lose one hundred times. How you perform in the remaining one hundred and sixty-five days will determine how well the year went. For instance, in MLB, if a team finishes 96-66, they’re making the playoffs. They may have winning and losing streaks, but 96-66 will qualify most teams for the playoffs.

Let’s use the same example in life. If someone finishes 200-165, they’re going to have a successful year and will look into January as wishing to capitalize on such a performance.

Now, the above only goes into account if you are yourself and have the courage to spread your message to as many outlets as possible. I realize it’s tough to open your thoughts to others, but it’s going to create your unique brand, voice, and following.

Will it burn bridges?

It’s going to burn bridges beyond repair, potentially with old friends and family, but you need to realize your worth and as I’ve stated above, you’re going to win some and lose some. It’s all about winning more.

Build your audience, build your following, spread your message, and you’re going to have a lot of support. People will share your statements, they’ll hop onto your bandwagon, and better yet, you’re going to be referred to their family and friends. Sure, a few doors will close, but more will open.

Those who know me and are following my blog or following me on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, realize how vocal I can be regarding America’s role in the world, global affairs, distinguishing the truth from lies, and the direction of the world’s economy. It’s burned bridges, but it’s build more.

You must realize the more you pour your heart onto a page, the more you’re going to resonate with. You’re going to meet new people who will become your biggest supporters and will go out of their way to promote you because you have a message that deserves to be heard and it will influence and inspire many. Remember this point and you’re going to succeed.