Influences Behind my Writing


One of the key influences behind my writing are America’s double standards of justice. We’ve seen this played out many times, where a system exists for the ‘high and mighty’ while another, harsher system exists for the average American.

I could make a complete living and make six to seven figures through my writing and truth telling by citing sources such as the Real News, Free Domain Radio, Ron Paul Liberty Report, and others censored by mainstream media and labeled as fake news and still demand equal justice for all. However, after watching a CNN reporter smell a backpack supposedly containing sarin gas in Syria to “confirm a chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime,” I rest my case on who the real fake news sources are.



The Kennedy Scandal

After watching a video posted by Stefan Molyneux of Free Domain Radio entitled Chappaquiddick, I gained further insight on the Kennedy Scandal.

To make a long story short, Chappaquiddick was an incident where Ted Kennedy was involved in a car crash with a girl nine years his junior and subsequently left her to die at the scene. Kennedy fled the scene of the accident, phoned nineteen attorneys (think O.J. Simpson style attorneys), ordered newspapers, took a nap, and had breakfast before reporting the accident ten-and-a-half hours later.

Kennedy’s excuse?

He was in shock due to the accident and claimed he didn’t realize how he escaped the vehicle and fled the scene with the woman trapped inside and needed a nap to mull things over, hoping everything was just a bad dream.

Kennedy was forced to plead guilty to fleeing the scene of an accident and sentenced to two months in jail, which of course, was waived.



Average American

The irony here is blatant. I have to say it again; it’s blatant, in many ways, shapes, and forms.

We need to remember had this happened to the average American, the average Joe, the everyman, do you think they’d have received the same treatment?

I laugh at those who believe everyone in America is under the same law. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Look, I’ve known people, and I’m going to be vague for obvious reasons, who’ve committed similar crimes and were hit with a jail sentence of at least three years.

But Ted Kennedy got a slap on the wrist.

America’s royal family, the Kennedys, were and are above the law. As are the Clintons in modern day.



Irony of the Left

It’s funny when I tell people I’m a writer and a Trump critic, I’m automatically branded a liberal Democrat when I’m in fact Libertarian who is anti-left and anti-mainstream right. Am I part of the alt-right? To an extent, but libertarians are just that, libertarian, whose beliefs entail true equality with no one man or woman above the other.

To an extent, I can be a Trump apologist, because the Left gives him an awful name, especially when it comes to potential Russian collusion, which, if anything, would be the best thing for America as it’d dodge a potential nuclear war with Russia.

But back to the case at hand. The irony of the Left is blatant. These people run on an anti-war platform, yet Barack Obama aided Hillary Clinton in lying about Benghazi, which not only killed four Americans, but put weapons into the hands of Islamic extremists fighting the Assad regime in Syria. Organizations with ties to al-Qaeda, by the way.

The Left also preaches equality…for the masses, that is.

The Kennedys were a hardcore liberal family who, like the Clintons, were worshipped by the Left as if they’re deities. Yet, when push comes to shove, both the Clintons, whose crimes have been covered up by each whistleblower either disappearing or ending up dead, and the Kennedys, who were born into wealth use their political might to remain above the law. Ted Kennedy received a jail sentence and never served such a jail sentence.

Watch Stefan Molyneux’s full video, Chappaquiddick, and the link provided:




I write to expose corruption in both America and the world. My writing, though contemporary fantasy in nature, is designed to entertain, but also inform, as there is by all means a hidden message, an allegory. The allegory is simple, and it stands with the true principles of liberty and truth, which will always win out.