A Manifesto in the Principles of Liberty:

America’s Flawed Foreign Policy


As I’ve stated in the past, my trilogy, Lord of Columbia is based off the principles of liberty. With a colony living under the harsh fist of an empire which as stretched its boundaries so far and wide it relies on paper currency to uphold it, Lord of Columbia is an allegory of America versus America, Liberty versus Tyranny, the State versus the Individual.

A contemporary fantasy, Lord of Columbia provides a story where an arrogant college athlete sees the true evils of an empire forging power over its colonial subjects, with the goal of becoming the policemen of the world.



Modern-Day America

Modern-Day America has set the stage for my nosedive into writing such a trilogy. Today, the American people have zero idea of the state our country is in with foreign policy. We’re waging war in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, while playing roles in Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, and other nations.

What many fail to realize is we have troops stationed in African countries and fighting wars and proxy wars in places like Niger and Turkey, but also hold bases in Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Norway, and other first-world nations.

America has become the policemen of the world, and to talk of humanitarian efforts and liberation is an insult to the people our country is doing this to. Yet, the fake news of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News continually, during primetime hours, force feed lies down our throats at home.



Chemical attack in Syria?

Assad did it with zero evidence.

It’s a lie, similar to the lie we were force-fed from the mass media to our public schools concerning Iraq back in 2003. Our teachers echoed media statements and reinforced the belief, with zero concrete evidence, Saddam Hussein was a brutal, Hitler-like dictator with weapons of mass destruction. Again, such proclamations are built off lies.

And the same is happening to Assad in today’s schools. I’m not saying Assad is a good guy, a good leader, or even good to his people, but the Syrian government liberated East Aleppo and people flocked to the Syrian army to escape the rebels, who are nothing more than terrorist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Jaysh al-Islam.

You read this right: al-Qaeda is on America’s side now. Same organization supposedly responsible for the September 11th attacks.



Flawed Foreign Policy

America’s flawed foreign policy is one of many key influences behind Lord of Columbia. You can read this article, watch mainstream news nightly, and disagree with everything I’ve written. You can call me, as I’ve been called by many former friends and peers in the past, anti-American, unpatriotic, a Syrian apologist, and somehow this makes me an anti-Semite, too. Still trying to figure the last one out.

But at least, at the very, very least, research the topic and look at the other side of the argument. Read about the Project for a New American Century and look at who was in the organization. Look at the countries they wished to invade back in 1997 during the Clinton administration.

At least do research before nosediving into mainstream conclusions the media and public schools force feed down peoples’ throats.



Lies of an Empire

Lies of an Empire is how I explain America’s foreign policy. How long have they been telling us lies?

Let’s begin at the Spanish-American War in 1898 with the sinking of the USS Maine, work our way toward the Lusitania, to Pearl Harbor (Roosevelt knew an attack was coming), and everything afterward.

Lies of an Empire.

Lies my country told me.

Lord of Columbia, though fiction, exposes such lies of the American government and those backing it. The empire in Lord of Columbia is America, but the Columbian Colony is also America, the true America, the real America, the America they told you is built off the principles of liberty.

Well, now liberty is being usurped. The fact we were founded on the principles of liberty has bid us time, but it’s still bleak. It’s very bleak, and it won’t change unless those of us who are informed and enlightened enough to see past the ruse of government and public schools share our knowledge with the rest of the country.

Thank you all very much for reading this article and it’s one which must be shared among others. Also, I’d like to point you all to Blackstone Intelligence, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, and the Real News, all can be found on YouTube.
Thanks again, and please, preserve liberty.