Civilization’s Decline Has Thrust me into a Never-Ending Whirlpool of Fulfilling Ambition and Purpose over Self-Centered Sales of Toxic Products

My journey into philosophy, not Pepsi, began on September 18th, 2012. I was quite the headcase. A brash twenty-one-year-old kid who had recently and single-handedly placed fifth in an NPC-sanctioned men’s physique show in a class of twenty-two, many of whom had coaches guiding them.


Two months later I became a certified personal trainer and within another month, I handed in my two-weeks’ notice to Riesbecks Food Markets after fulfilling one of my two weeks before deciding to quit showing up and getting on with my life at an amazing fitness franchise in Weirton, West Virginia.


What was my main motivation for becoming a trainer at the time?


So I could wear gym clothes to work, get paid for it, train people in cookie-cutter workouts, and workout whenever I wanted.


Translation, I acted like a spoiled NFL player who thought of himself and no one around him. My ambitions had been fulfilling and I was well on my way to becoming a fantastic trainer and an even better fitness competitor.


Pure arrogance from 2012 to 2016 is what defined my early training career.
I look back now and think despicable.


I scheduled clients around my workouts and mealtimes, routinely cut classes short so I could workout with the good-looking girls in the club, screwing over my clients who paid an additional car payment to see me, and treated the gym like a party atmosphere. I’m going to write a book on such experiences one day, long after I complete Lord of Columbia, of course, because it’s quite comical to look back and remember that kid who was me, me, and me.


Yet at the same time it was my disgusting acts of ambition, cunning, and always looking for the next gig over the course of four-and-a-half years which made me into who I am today, in 2018; a polar opposite.



I’m Sorry, Weirton

I owe the people of Weirton an apology for making one-hour classes last about thirty-five-minutes so I could have a word with every piece of female flesh between the ages of 18 to 28. We won’t go any further than this, as I should’ve charged everyone for working out with me doing my workouts, and it didn’t happen.

Of course, people in the gym knew.

So, for that, before I go any further with this post, I want to let these people who coughed up dough for years know I should’ve been more considerate and much less biased. What I did wasn’t right, and anyone looking to get into fitness for the ulterior motives of my own shouldn’t be working in the industry.

I’ll likely never meet a more unprofessional fitness professional in my life. For more information, after Lord of Columbia hits shelves, I’ll definitely create a book on this, because it’ll be a fun, relaxing read full of what trainers shouldn’t be doing while at work.



Learning Experience

Of course, it was a learning experience as it led me to see the error in my ways, sometime around mid-2017 when I worked in White Oak.

As I’ve stated in the past, intertwining with my pure selfishness in Weirton, I started writing again in 2014 about an arrogant college athlete gaining knowledge he was once ignorant of regarding oppression in his colony, leading to an uprising, which is the basis for Lord of Columbia.

In a way, my main character is me in an exaggerated, allegorical form. Even more so, I became my main character in real life.

While I still work as a trainer (much more professional in nature with zero ulterior motive other than having the leeway to pay my bills) I’m, as you all know, am a budding indie-author set to release Lord of Columbia in September 2018.


For what?

This is where you can all relate your passion which you’re pursuing at this very moment.
I want to give something to the world. As you’ve read in my previous posts, we’ve seen decline in American society, fueling the military-industrial complex based off lies in Syria, reminiscent to the lies based off Iraq in 2003. We’re currently occupying the most oil-rich area in Syria (sound familiar to Iraq?). We’re seeing Western civilization being destroyed before our very eyes while the social welfare “safety” net expands.

We’re seeing the Bill of Rights disappear before our eyes, as we’ve seen individual liberty and right to privacy disappear via the (un)Patriot Act after the September 11th attacks. We’re living in a surveillance state and we have arguably the largest police apologist President in the history of this nation who screams totalitarianism (though Hillary wouldn’t have been any better).

My passion is to warn others about this mess while documenting what is unfortunately going to be the decline of civilization as a whole. In the Norse religion, which I follow and identify with in addition to Wicca, there’s the prophecy of Ragnarok, which no man, woman, or child survives except a hallowed few.

Is Ragnarok upon us?

I don’t know.

Though I do know this.

If it kills me, I’m going to Valhalla, and I’m going to warn each of you the destruction of civilization. It’s in a way what the Lord of Columbia trilogy sets the stage. Society has been in a decline, which is why I’ve chosen philosophy over Pepsi.



Why Pepsi?

Check out my archives for more information on the Pepsi Guy, a dude I often talk about. I like using him as the epitome of the for-profit male who makes great money selling toxic products to people. He might bring in $80,000 to $100,000 per year representing a corporation making much more than he is.

The Pepsi Guy is the one who uses psychological tactics to coerce others into purchasing the toxic products he promotes. The Pepsi Guy is the one who makes money off poisoning consumers, while those in the corporate office pull out all the stops to coerce people into continuing to buy their products.

The Pepsi Guy cares about making a profit off inconveniencing and compromising the health of others. The Pepsi Guy is a thirty-nine-year-old version of my twenty-one-year-old self, caring about the dollar amount so he can do what he wants.
The message regarding the Pepsi Guy?

He epitomizes ignorance and self-lust seen in society today. Hey, it’s okay to have a little bit of lust, but when you place ambition over connection, it leads to evil intentions. The Pepsi Guy has zero good intentions. He can take the first step in helping people by making a career out of it rather than helping people to an early grave predated by chronic illness.



Do I still have lust?

Of course, but these days I’m lusting for others to spread the message, ideas, and principles of liberty and what we can do as individuals in society to prevent such a decline. It’s the reason I wrote Lord of Columbia. It’s the reason I write, and it’s the reason I’m passionate about handing you all the message I have.

Today, I urge you to keep the lust, but lust for making the world a better place. Lust for being a positive influence via action, not words as the Pepsi Guy has done so often over the years, yet his actions poison others.

Don’t poison others; lift them up to be their best selves and show them how to avoid dependency on corporations and government.