Together, we can Create a Better America


People aren’t as free as they’re led to believe.


The truth is when one works either for a company or the government, they’re not free. They’re going to do two things: pay taxes and retire.

It’s not freedom when you’re going to work in a place which will make someone else a lot of money. It’s not freedom when we all have values yet are forbidden to preach such values (even on our own time, such as via social media) due to the risk of being axed at work.

It’s not freedom.



Tax Mafia

Yesterday was tax day, where the government forces people against their will and at gunpoint to hand over money they worked hard for to fund, well, we can start with 1.45 million per missile being aimed at Syria for a crime the Syrian government may or may not have committed.

I was listening to Stefan Molyneux last evening and he brought up a staggering number. When all variables are added up, every American is at least five figures in debt, roughly $69,000. However, when you only add the work force and real unemployment numbers (much higher than 3.1% since the number is shrunk only to those looking for work as being part of the labor force, real unemployment is about 20%), each working American is roughly $83,000 in debt. Molyneux added a few more variables and came up with $1.05 million per American being a staggering number.



Invasion of Privacy

So, back to the first portion of this article: most people are indentured to either corporations or government, who in turn even control their private lives due to strict rules and regulations. I’ve even heard of companies who refuse to allow their employees to wear their work gear in public, which okay, apart from why people would do so in the first place in some instances, other times such work gear may be casual clothing. So, once again a corporation is controlling an individual’s private life, violating right to privacy.

People have argued with me in the past and have stated one can give up certain rights to work for a company.

Okay, they have me, but keep in mind, the basic rights cannot be taken from any human by another human. The Founding Fathers never meant this to only be limited to government; they’re referring to any entity “higher” than the individual. The reason for this is because the highest power is what gave us our basic rights, and these basic rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness cannot be taken away from any entity, written or not, as it violates the Law of Nature, a law which cannot be rewritten by any mortal being.



Motivating the Masses

So, where does this all tie in with careers and motivation, as it’s the basis of My Freedom Flame? In all honesty, building a better you will build a better America, which in turn will build a better world.

I’ve had previous posts stating the misery attached to many who’re working in the average, everyday labor force. Well, when they’re in these state prisons run by the state and for the state’s interests, known to the people as public schools, such dreams and ambitions are snatched away.


Well, the state fears critical thinkers, so it intentionally waters down the school system so everyone passes. We pass public school by succumbing to authority, unable to think for ourselves, are brainwashed into a statist mentality, bowing to the state and to mainstream media propagandists spreading lies to support war for American interests such as oil (look up US occupation in Syria), and to uphold the chosen few arms manufacturers in the military-industrial complex.




Statism is Slavery

So, the first order of business is for the state to teach a biased form of history in which America is always the “good guy” and for the most part the “victor” in the world which spreads freedom and democracy far and wide.

Except they forget to mention what American interventionism has done, especially in the last seventeen years. We’re still in Iraq, we’re still in Afghanistan, we lied about Libya, and we’re lying about Syria.

We’re indoctrinated into believing Israel is an ally, which in actuality they were the criminals behind the USS Liberty’s bombing on June 8th, 1967, staging a false flag and blaming Egypt for the act. When Israel was caught in the lie, they apologized and stated it was “accidental miscommunication,” see Blackstone Intelligence on YouTube for more information.

So, the second step in building a better you, which will in turn build a better America and a better world is to open the neuropathways which will allow you to think for yourself. The state-run political prisons in public schools hate this, which is why, as on the Ron Paul Liberty Report a couple weeks back, they inform us public schools ignore teaching us basic finances (for government loans, obviously), how to create a business and sell products, and how to bring people to your business.

In public schools, it’s all about finding a job to work for the elitists either in a corporation or in government.



Open the Doorway

By opening the neuropathways in our mind, we make mental connections which will open us up to old ideas, rediscovering our passion for something we had when we were kids. The passion could be anything, for me it’s writing.

So, the fourth step in building a better you to build a better America to build a better world is to find the passion and pursue it. Pursue the passion like a deranged psychopath, before and after work, and even on weekends. Refer to my previous posts on some good tips to pursue your passion and how to fit it into your daily schedule.

Get started right now, guys. Start creating the neuropathways if you’re at work. Instead of feeling negative, feel positive. What do you love to do? What would you quit your current job for? What would you give anything to step out of your current work clothes and into dressing like the person you always wanted to be. Who do you want to be? Who did you aspire to be? Who do you want to be like? Who was your role model? What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

Answer the above questions, write your goals, and get to it. Together, we can create a better America.