Today, the Principle of Liberty Cannot be Compromised

The principle of liberty cannot be compromised in today’s world, because the threat of a global government is greater today than any other moment in history. A few days back I wrote an article on why I write and had a lengthy statement about President Donald Trump’s mistake in launching missile strikes in Damascus, Syria.

For those who read the article, you’ll know by now I saw this attack as a response to a false flag which accused the Assad regime (again) of releasing chemical weapons on his citizens without any evidence (again) backing their claim. Furthermore, the Operation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was about to go in and investigate the claims, but not before Trump decided to release over one-hundred missiles with the help of Britain and France.

Those who look deeper into the case realize cities such as Aleppo, whose Christians celebrated Easter for the first time in years since the Assad government liberated from terrorists and rebuilt the city, is growing once more. Further, in this alleged attack, which took place in Douma, was under control of two rebel coalitions, the US-backed White Helmets and Jaysh al-Islam, a radical Islamist group.

This leads me to ask, as I’ve asked as far back to 2003, Why does the US compulsively lie about what’s really happening in the Middle East?

Why do they make these Middle East leaders look like genocidal maniacs with zero concrete evidence, as was the case in Iraq back in 2003?



The Writer

My dad once asked why I didn’t go to school for journalism. To be honest, I’d have a tough time finding employment since journalists are controlled by the mass media, the kings and queens of propaganda.

If you tune into the Ron Paul Liberty Report, you’ll find the truth in the matter is journalists won’t get the recognition they deserve unless they conform to the propaganda being preached.

For a libertarian who believes in non-interventionism, especially on wars built upon lies, I never would’ve had a chance in the mainstream media.



Budding Indie Author

I’ve studied numerous authors over the last two years, wondering what they did to make their voice heard. I idolized Jerry Jenkins, despite not being a Christian, because of the way he believes in the new world order, much like I do, and his works mirror my own. The only difference is he believes in the Bible literally and I take a metaphoric stance on it, which has been the basis of many religions in one way or another.

Yet, I’m not one who wishes to be published from a traditional standpoint, because I don’t want my work to be messed with in any way. I want my message of libertarianism to shine and take center-stage. The principles presented in Lord of Columbia, where a colony (Constitutional Republic) is dominated by an empire who rules the world (modern United States), are libertarian in nature, which is seen time and again throughout.



Why this Lesson?

This article is being written to show you, my readers, what goes into books with every single author. I love pointing to CS Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia series. In the Magician’s Nephew, Aslan speaks of the atrocities of tyrants, comparing them to the rulers of Charn, the former world of the White Witch. In the Silver Chair, Lewis uses the Experiment House to relay his disdain for modern-day schooling, which is nothing more than statist indoctrination.

As writers, our message must be the shining star. Sure, unforgettable characters make the work rock and roll, powerful plots which keep readers reading your work again and again, and a growing fan base. But, the author must never get in the way of the message and as I’ve stated at the beginning of this article, today, the principle of liberty cannot be compromised.