Your Inner Power Will Force the Environment to Succumb to You


Environment, it’s something many blame on their current state. Look, if you wish to achieve dreams you once believed to be impossible, one person needs to act upon your dreams and it’s you. Your inner power will cause the environment to succumb to you and what you desire.

Do you know what blocks most of us from achieving what we want?


Did you know you can create new neuropathways in your brain?

It’s true, you can.

This is something you won’t learn in any state-run political prison they call public school. It’s easy to connect the dots as to why people are so miserable these days. Look around your first job and you’re going to find a lot of negativity.

In 2008 and 2009, as a senior in high school, I worked for McDonalds. I’d never been around so much negativity in my life. Ditto for my thirteen-month stint in Riesbecks from August 2011 to September 2012.

Up here in Wexford?

Nothing but positive ways and a yes, you can attitude.

For my budding writing career?


Did I once think of all the negatives?

Of course.

Did I block myself from getting what I want at a younger age due to a lack of neuropathways?

You’re reading my mind if you guessed, yes indeed.

The problem today is most of us think of the negatives, what can go wrong, what’s going wrong, and how deep of a hole we’re in. Look, there’s always a way to climb out of such a hole, do what you want, and get what you want.

People are afraid of a few things, which blocks our creation of neuropathways. We fear failure, obstacles, setbacks, and anything negative associated as such. We have on average, 80,000 thoughts per day, and seventy-five percent of these thoughts are negative.


We’ve been conditioned into becoming a society of pessimistic people who depend on others for our own well-being. Some of us are government dependent, which unless you have a good reason for being so, shouldn’t be a goal in life. Others are corporate dependent, where the large brand we “represent” literally own us.

Many will say, “Todd, people choose to work for said company.”

Okay, well if that’s the case, why does hell break loose the second they lose their job?
The point I’m making is people have become dependent on a “too big to fail” entity. If you’re government or corporate dependent, you’re a dependent, as they’re both forms of social welfare.


This is where many get capitalism confused with corporate socialism or crony capitalism. It’s what Liberal America states is capitalism, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on corporations is another form of social welfare, except instead of sitting around to get paid, you’re working to get paid to pay those sitting around to get paid.

So, how do we break ourselves of such a never-ending circle?

We go into business for ourselves.

Sure, I may work for a company at the moment with a corporate office, but it’s a franchised company so it’s technically small business with an owner and two employees. It’s kind of nice. And it pays the bills, which is my main priority. Pay the bills so I can attain what I need.

What do I want?

To become an Authorpreneur.

What’s an Authorpreneur?

Someone who goes into the writing business writing books, book series’, blogs, and freelance writes.

Why is this my full-time goal?

Because I love research and I love transferring such research into stories to share with the public who fall for mass media propaganda.

Why do you even research it?

Why is America funding Saudi Arabia to destroy Yemen while accusing Syria of using chemical weapons on its own people without a shred of evidence while supporting terrorist coalitions like Jaysh al-Islam and ISIS, both of whom oppose Bashar Assad?
Now you see why I want to write. I want to write for the same reasons I became a trainer: to change lives. Only through writing, however, I can do so on a greater scale. I want to seek the truth, relay the truth, pray people believe the truth, and motivate people to pursue their own passions so they can break free from the bonds of government and corporations.


Democrats are pro-domestic spending, Republicans are pro-corporate subsidies and military spending, and us Libertarians are pro-finding your niche and selling it.
My goal is for all of you, even if we differ on political views and false flags, to pursue your passion. I don’t care if your passion is to inconvenience me and everything I believe. My mission is accomplished because your mission is accomplished, and it means you and I can face off behind a podium somewhere on a grand stage and debate said issues, while congratulating one another for being motivating forces behind our respectable agendas.

Pursue your passion, your dreams, and reach for the stars. Wake up each day stating yes, you can. Don’t look at the obstacle, look beyond it. Don’t give up when you experience a setback. Instead, use the setback as motivation and keep moving forward.