Pursuit of Happiness has Heroes at Every Avenue, from Politicians to Economists, to Family


Ambition is something we all have within us. We’re an ambitious breed of human looking to break from the restraints of society, yet when we reach a certain age, we fall in line. I blame the state-run political prisons disguised as public schools and their role of making Americans docile, robotic, and unable to critically think for themselves.


The last sentence was influenced on me by someone, and that someone is former Congressman Ron Paul.


Or, better yet. Back in the 1990’s, the Project for a New American Century was signed by and fifteen of these people became part of the Bush/Cheney administration. What is PNAC? Only a little pretext to massive US intervention in the Middle East. Thank you, Jake Molonios, I’m glad I found Blackstone Intelligence.


So, for every move, there’s a mover. For all of us, we’ve been influenced by someone.




Family Ties

Who influenced me to not fall in line and become another drone to society?

I’d say my immediate family, as when I reached high school age, I was getting lessons in needing to collect social security, work a job with job security, the ‘a job is a job’ mantra, and the works. I’m grateful for my family, because they helped this rebel shape his views to say no, don’t become a drone.

I’m the type of person who’s more likely to do something if told not to. They would’ve been better off telling me the US creates false flags to justify invading other nations via executive powers, which per Senator Rand Paul (and just about every Founding Father), a few dozen influences here, is unconstitutional.

Had my family not confused patriotism with nationalism, as most “patriotic” Americans do, I’d probably be a fully-fledged nationalistic cop apologist, pro-war mongering hawk, John Bolton-loving neoconservative most of them are at the moment.

Not patriotic in the slightest, but very, very nationalist. Had this been Colonial America, they’d have been Loyalist and I would’ve been a Patriot.



Honest Congressmen and Senators

Yes, Ron and Rand Paul are big influences. As are Trey Gowdy, Jesse Ventura, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, and Austin Peterson. Libertarian America is a huge influence on me and my political views.

Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothard, Lew Rockwell, Frederic Bastiat, and Adam Smith helped shape my economic views, which are strictly free-market politics with zero government influence. Today, we live in a nation where the government picks and chooses the winners and losers and told this is free market economics, which is why we have so many socialists in this country. Newsflash, corporations hate the free market because they realize all barriers to entry would crush their little empires.

Stefan Molyneux is another one I’ve been watching closely. While initially a Trump apologist, this anarcho-capitalist saw light after Trump’s ridiculous omnibus spending bill totaling 1.3 trillion dollars plus his recklessness regarding Syria.




Influences spark from many avenues. Listed above are influences which have shaped my political views and are some of the main motivations behind my writing. I’ll reveal some book, movie, and television series in future posts, plus authors and writers whose views and styles shaped my way of thinking and helped spawn my trilogy, Lord of Columbia, coming September 2018.